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Why ILIFE V3s Pro Is Media's Favorite Pick For Pet Hair Cleaning In 2021
Why ILIFE V3s Pro Is Media's Favorite Pick For Pet Hair Cleaning In 2021
Jan 03,2022
2021 has just passed, and the media have released their lists for the best robotic vacuums of the year. It has been about six years since ILIFE V3s Pro first launched in 2016, but you can still see V3s Pro appears on these lists. About nine media have listed V3s Pro in their 2021 best vacuums list, including big tech product review media like tom's guide and lifestyle media like New York Magazine. In fact, it should not be a surprise as V3s Pro has been popular on Amazon for the past two years, with 17,882 reviews and 4.5 stars rating. So what on earth is the magic inside V3s Pro that makes it so attractive even it seems to be a simple model compared to all the advanced ones today? We are here to tell you. Powerful suction passage and filters designed for pet hair The biggest reason why V3s Pro is the pet hair killer is its tangle-free technology. It uses a 3-inch suction passage instead of a brush roll to collect debris and hair. This way, it picks up pet hair effectively and makes maintenance easy since you won't need to waste your time removing hair from a brush roll. After the hair is sucked into the filters, the AirAway technology in the double filters separates dirt from debris, reducing clogging and maintaining a powerful suction for a longer time. AirAway also releases fresh air to eliminate pet odors, making the overall cleaning process even more pet-friendly. Ultra-slim design For pet owners, your naughty kitty might constantly knock over his food all over the place and bring some pieces of cat litter with him somewhere you can't reach. ILIFE V3s Pro has a height of only 2.98 inches. The slim body allows it to fit under furniture easily, and as we all know, it is where hair and debris like cat food like to hide. You will be surprised to find out how much mess pets can unintentionally create every day the first time you use V3s Pro. It might not be the smartest, but still sufficient for use V3s Pro does not have the bells and whistles of newer robot vacuums, but it does provide enough functions to make sure you are as hand-free and care-free as possible. V3s Pro is equipped with infrared sensors, cliff sensors, and an OBS all-terrain detection system for anti-collision and anti-dropping. Therefore, it can slow down and clean gingerly near edges and obstacles.    And even though V3s Pro doesn't support app control, there is a remote control for you to guide V3s and set cleaning schedules. You can also choose between three cleaning modes: AUTO, EDGE, SPOT for different needs. It is so straightforward that your parents, who are not fans of complicated app connections, might enjoy using it.    Lastly, V3s Pro can self-charge like most premium robotic vacuums do. It finds its way back to the charging dock when it runs low on battery. So it is always prepared for the next run.    Summary: With all these useful features, V3s Pro still keeps its price budget-friendly. It can be a great gift choice for your friend who has pets or a beginner in the robotic vacuum world. Find out more in our ILIFE V3s Pro website. More Blog Articles You May Would Like to Read: What a ILIFE V8c Can Bring You--a Budget Device With Patented Anti-Slip Wheels What Makes ILIFE Shinebot W455 so Peculiar? What Makes a Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Attractive? -ILIFE M50 Will Show You ILIFE G50--a Unique Spinning Side Brush Vacuum ILIFE A7 Helps You to Clean Rainy Days Out
ILIFE A4s Pro, A Trusted Bot Blending Strong Suction With Straightforward Controls
ILIFE A4s Pro, A Trusted Bot Blending Strong Suction With Straightforward Controls
Oct 18,2021
With the development of science and technology, intelligence seems gradual to be part of our lives. The interesting thing is some of us fall into the trap of the so-called modern living environment due to over-complicated tech gadgets. Luckily, there are still plain but competent devices like ILIFE A4s Pro.   As a user-friendly device, ILIFE A4s Pro leaves out sophisticated features like multilevel navigation and mapping and APP control function and seeks to offer a more simple availability for operation. By using a simple remote control or clicking onboard program buttons, you can cover every aspect an A4s Pro has, like cleaning mode converting, running direction changing, cleaning time scheduling, and even suction power switching. Such a straightforward operation saves you time to contend with the vacuum for cleaning tasks and is especially friendly for families with kids and older people.     To enhance its ability and stability of suction power, A4s Pro upgrades its suction port design. It offers a 2000Pa suction in Spot mode and another1500Pa in Max mode for preference. What is more, the vacuum could automatically boost its suction power to 1200pa for better cleaning outcomes once running into a carpet-covering area. Together with the inner Nidec brushless motor equipment, the device is almost two times stronger than ILIFE A4S in cleaning efficiency and effectiveness.   Like other robot vacuum cleaners, the reliable gadget can automatically return to its charging dock when it's running low on juice or when a cleaning task is ok. Do not suspect the cleaning ability the A4s Pro has. It offers four different cleaning modes to handle different kinds of stains.   Auto mode: Meet general cleaning needs, especially for the complicated home environment. Edge mode: Fight with dust and debris in edges and corners, as well as furniture legs. Spot mode: Load up to 2000pa of extreme suction power to clean localized areas of heavy stains. Max mode: Clean with the suction power of 1500pa for stubborn dirt.   If you have an economical budget, the cost-effective A4s Pro must be on your cart list. Take it at home for $189 now! More Blog Articles You May Would Like to Read:   What Is a Dual Filter Set Up?-ILIFE A8 Will Show You ILIFE Cellular Dustbin Design -Take ILIFE A9 as an Example ILIFE A7 Helps You to Clean Rainy Days Out How ILIFE Robot Help You Make a Work and Life Balance? 5 Packing Tips for Daily Travel No Time for a Home Work Out? Let ILIFE Helps You How to Maintain Your Robotic Vacuum? 3 Guess for Future Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 5 Ways to Choose Which Cleaning Device Is for You B5 Max - Well Balanced Robotic Vacuum ILIFE Ranks on 2019-2020 AliExpress Top 10 Brands List ILIFE Wins LAZADA Top Brand Award 2020 ILIFE A10 Wins the Red Dot Award Product Design 2020 ILIFE Introduces Three New Products at CES 2020 How to Choose an ILIFE Robot Vacuum Cleaner ? ILIFE A10 Product Introduction
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