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Self-Empty Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


Cleaner, Smarter, Easier

Entrust all the cleaning, even robot upkeep, to us
All-in-One Innovation
Upgraded, Amplified, and Seamless
Explore the robot's robust features that seamlessly integrate multiple functions. Everything is at
your fingertips, enhancing the convenience and excellence of your cleaning experience.

Upgraded Self-Emptying
Station System

Suction Power
Increased by

Battery Runtimes
Increased by

Advanced LDS
Navigation Technology

App Management

Hands-Free Cleaning
Enjoy 70 Days of Effortless
Enjoy effortless cleaning with our advanced technology. The self-empty station, equipped with dust-collection
and a disposable dust bag, frees up your hands for effortless cleaning.

20000Pa dust-collection

Self-Emptying Station

The self-empty station with a powerful 20,000Pa
cyclone dust collection, automatically clears the
robot's dustbin in just 20 seconds,
preventing any clogs.

Dirty-free bag design

3.5L large-capacity
dust bag

The built-in disposable dust bag, eliminating the
need for frequent emptying. Simply dispose of
the bag when full for hassle-free cleaning.

5000Pa Suction Power
Powerful, Intensified,
Dominant Suction
Experience the power of 5000Pa suction for deep cleaning. Leave floors and dust crannies spotless with
over 90% straight-line dust removal rate. Ensure every corner is covered, taking your cleaning experience to new heights!


NIDEC Brushless Motor

Silent Efficiency

With a design that eliminates friction and reduces wear,
NIDEC brushless motors deliver robust power while
maintaining a whisper-quiet operation.

Multiple Suction Options

Auto Boost for Carpets

After detecting the carpet, the suction power will
automatically increase and can be customized
according to personal preferences.

Precise LDS Navigation
Sophisticated Laser-guided
Experience fast and efficient cleaning. With 360° and 4k/s scanning, T20s gets 2 times
faster mapping for higher coverage to create the most efficient cleaning route without missing spots.
Real-time Scanning
& mapping
Ranging Frequency: 4000Hz, Slam graphical
localization algorithm for map construction and
real-time positioning.
Measuring Range
Real-time display of home layout on the App,
global positioning for accurate floor plan
reconstruction; Real-time, planned, systematic,
comprehensive, and efficient cleaning.
0.1-10mDetection Range
Vacuum and Mop Combo
One-use, Double-clean
Experience comprehensive cleaning with our 2-in-1 vacuum and mop combo,
effectively removing dust and stains. Multiple modes meet your daily cleaning needs.
4 Mode Options
3 Water Level Settings

Up to 260mins Runtime

Clean On and On

T20s delivers 260mins long-lasting deep cleaning throughout your home. Easy to clean a 260m² (2799ft²) large-scale house without interruptions.


260 mins

Clean area:

260 m²

Innovative Product Design
Creating Perfection
T20s, where refined craftsmanship meets innovative product design,
creating perfection in every cleaning moment.
D-Icon Exclusive Design Symbol
Classic Heritage
The exclusive D-shaped laser LIDAR design, a continuation
of ILIFE's classic and unique design philosophy, seamlessly
integrated into our product design.
Glass Surface Cover
Outstanding Exterior Design
The glass cover of T20s is highly wear-resistant and will last
as long as new. It also features an added wire drawing surface
treatment process.
APP Personalization Control
Command with a Touch
Get a customized clean and start an intuitive cleaning experience
tailored to your needs with enhanced App features.
Multi-Floor Mapping
Place No-GO Zone
Customized Cleaning
Schedule Cleaning
Scan and save maps for multiple home floors.
Enjoy customized cleaning on different levels
with ease.
Exclude the areas you don't want to clean.
Customize certain rooms you want to clean and
set up water, suction levels, etc. for each one.
Set up a specific schedule for certain rooms.
Support Voice Control
Speak to Command
Tell your robot friend where or when to clean just with
voice control while enjoying your time.
" Alexa, turn on ILIFE robot"
" Alexa, turn off ILIFE robot"
Multi-type intelligent sensors
Clean without obstacles
Equipped with cutting-edge sensors, the robot achieves better
cleaning in complex environments without dropping and collisions.

Product Specifications

Robot Dimension: 335×335×95 mm

Station Dimension: 323×153×321 mm

Dust Bag Capacity: 3.5L

Robot Suction: 5,000 Pa

Climb Threshold: 18mm

Water Tank: 200 ml

Dust Tank: 300ml

WIFI Frequency: 2.4GHz

Battery Capacity: 5000mAh

Control Methods : App, Alexa and Google Assistant