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Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
Powerful and Versatile for Your Entire House

Nidec Brushless Motor Offers Up To
22Kpa Suction

Driven by the durable Nidec brushless motor, the G80 provides up to
22Kpa suction to quietly pick up dust and debris all around your house.

Unique Side Brush Cleans Corners and Edges

The G80 features a spinning side brush to gather dust and debris from corners and edges,
maximizing the cleaning coverage and efficiency.

4-stage Filtration
with Cyclone System

The advanced filtration system isolates
and captures different size particles of
dust and debris in each stage, improving
the filtration efficiency and expelling
fresh air.

Sponge Filtration
Cyclone Filtration
Primary Filtration

2500mAh Battery
Provides 45mins

Powered by a high-capacity battery,
the G80 works for up to 45 minutes
(Normal Mode), so it is available to
clean anywhere in your house.

Real-Time Device

The G80 will promptly stop and alert
you on the LED display if the brush is
entangled or the airflow is clogged.
The battery status and working
modes are also clear at a glance.

Battery Indicator
Working Modes
Airflow Blocked Alert
Brush Tangled Alert

Swivel Motorized Floor Head

The floor head is flexible to smoothly clean around corners and reach under
furniture. The built-in LED lights ensure even dark areas get a thorough cleaning.

Adjustable Suction Power

The superior brushless motor provides the G80 with 10Kpa (Normal Mode) for
up to 45mins runtime or 22Kpa (Max Mode) for when you need a deeper clean.

10kpa Normal Mode for 45mins runtime
22kpa Max Mode for intensive cleaning

Versatile for Your Entire House

Equipped with the various tools and extension wand, the G80 is available
to clean from the ceiling to the floor, even the hard-to-reach
areas with minimum effort.

Easily Switch to Handheld Vacuum
Suitable for various floors
Deeply clean low carpets
Clean hard-to-reach areas
Remove dust in high places
Pick up debris on sofa
Handle quick cleanups

Convenient One-touch Disposal
and Washable Filter

Simply press the release button to empty the dustbin without touching
the dust and trash. The washable filter is eco-friendly and easy
to maintain to keep the peak performance of the device.

Tip: Make sure the filter kit is completely dry
before installing into the dustbin.

2 Ways to Store

The G80 features a storage base to place the main body and accessories or
hang on the provided wall mount. Both ways save space and
keep your home neat and tidy.

Product Layout & Parameters

Charging Jack

Power/Mode Switch

One-touch Trash Disposal Dust Cup

Real-time LED Display

Uniquely Designed Side Brush

270° Adjustable Floor Head

Release Button

Release Button

Extension Wand

Working Mode: AUTO/MAX
Runtime: 45mins/15mins
Dust Cup Capacity: 650ml
Battery Capacity: 2500mAh
Net. Weight: 1.95kg
Dimension: 115 x 26.5 x 25.8cm

Roller Brush

suitable for various floors

Roller Brush

deeply clean low carpets

2 in 1 Suction Nozzle

Crevice Tool

Storage Dock