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Large Space AI Robot Vacuum


An Innovation of Large Space Cleaning

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An Innovation of Large Space Cleaning

ILIFE X1000 is a large home dual-purpose AI robot vacuum aiming to solve the pain point of large space cleaning. Featured with 20000Pa big suction, 3L big dust box and AI smart function, it can clean up to 1000㎡ efficiently without interruption. With a unique modular design, it is easy to assemble and disassemble, so you can maintain it effortlessly, ideal for all surfaces including carpet, wood, laminate and tile.

Compact and
modular design

powerful suction

3L big dust box

200mins runtime

Lidar navigation

3D ToF technology

Stereo Camera
AI recognition

APP and touch
screen operation

Superb big Suction for Multiple Surface

Powered with 300W high-performance brushless motor, X1000 provides up to 20000Pa big suction power.
No matter for hardfloor or carpet, it is easy to pick up large debris or fine dust effortlessly.

Multi-surface cleaning

Bigger, to Clean Larger and Longer

3L Big Capacity Dustbox

X1000 has a 3L big capacity, so it can contain
more debris, pet hairs, etc. so you don't need to
clean it frequently.

Up to 200 mins Runtime

With 2 detachable batteries, each of which can be
worked separately, X1000 can last up to 200mins,
so you can clean 500-800m² at one time without




Smarter, More Than Ever

Advanced LiDAR Navigation

It scans and Then Creates Maps Precisely

Quickly scan the environment and map the whole area precisely and thoroughly.


Scanning Frequency


Scanning Angle

3D ToF sensor

It Detects, Then Avoids Obstacles Efficiently

With 3DToF sensors, X1000 can detect and then avoid obstacles.


Distance Measuring Range


Ranging Frequency


Ranging Accuracy

AI Stereo camera

It Recognizes, Then Bypasses Them

X1000 can recognize objects like can identify shoes, cables, socks, books, towel, bottle, garbage can, flowerpot, etc,
and optimize its route, so you don't have to move anything before you start cleaning.

One Machine, Two Modes of Operation

Sensitive Touch
Screen Operation

X1000 is equipped with a 5-inch touchscreen,
so you can operate X1000 easily via this screen.
No matter you are a child or aged,
it is easy to use. And don’t worry other
people will disturb the robot when
working, you can ‘lock’ the screen.

Improved App Control

X1000 supports customizing cleaning via the APP. So when you are on the way home or work,
just take one click, X1000 will begin to work in advance.

More Intelligent Features

Google Assistant /
Amazon Alexa

"Alexa, turn on ILIFE robot"

"Alexa, turn off ILIFE robot"

Resume Cleaning


Compact and modular design

Unique Modular design, easy to assemble
and disassemble, so you can maintain it
without much effort. With a compact design,
it is easy to store. Worry-free from winding
cord in your large spaces

Workshop / Warehouse / Office / Supermarket / Hotel / Big House

Product Specifications

Cleaning Type: Sweeping, Vacuuming

Suction Power: 8k-9k (Normal); 20kPa (Max)

Dustbin Capacity: 3L

Cleaning Area: 500~1000m²

Climbing Ability: 25mm

Navigation: Lidar Navigation

AI Recognition: Yes

Charge type: Auto recharging by camera recognition

Size: 376x372x365mm

Net Weight: 25lbs