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Robot Vacuum and Mop


New Upgrade

Robot vacuum and mop in one

Cleaning Evolved, Life Simplified

Double the Clean, Half the Hassle!

No more manual switching between the dustbin and water tank.
The V3x uses an electronically controlled water tank to vacuum and mop simultaneously, saving time and effort.

Say Goodbye to
Embedded Dirt!

The high-speed brushless motor ensures thorough
cleaning on various surfaces. Automatically boosts
suction power to 3000Pa to thoroughly clean large
particles and debris from crevices, leaving no place
for dust to hide.

Auto Boost for Carpets

Effective vacuuming and efficient cleaning.

Cleaning Endurance Beyond Expectation!

Runs for up to 120 minutes, with automatic recharging when needed.

App Control, Effortless Cleaning!

Maximize control with the ILIFEHOME App. Schedule, adjust suction and mopping settings, and track progress.
Compatible with Alexa and Google Home for seamless voice control.

Versatile Cleaning, Precise Results

Designed for diverse cleaning needs.

Auto mode

Prevents repetitive cleaning with Gyro navigation.

Edge mode

Targets walls and corners.

Spot mode

Efficiently handles concentrated debris in a spiral pattern.

Unearth an Array of Hidden Features!

79mm ultra-thin design

All-around household cleaning
made easy.

Capable of crossing
obstacles up to 20mm

Easily over thresholds and carpets

Eco-friendly and Efficient!

Easy to clean and maintain.

Stop and Resume

Smart Battery Top-up
and Auto Recharge.

Product Specifications

Robot Dimension: 330×330×79 mm

Weight: 3kg

2-in-1 dustbin: 0.3L dustbin + 0.25L water tank

Climbing Ability: 20mm

Charging time: ≤360mins

working time: ≥120mins

Battery specifications: Li-ion

Noise Level : 60dB

Operating power: 30W

Charging voltage: 19V