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ILIFE launches A11 smart robot vacuum, highlighting its technological progress
03/08/2022 Official News
ILIFE launches A11 smart robot vacuum, highlighting its technological progress

SHENZHEN, China, March 7, 2022 -- ILIFE, a world-leading manufacturer and innovator specializing in home cleaning products, launched its latest Lidar navigation product A11 robot vacuum and mop cleaner today. Featured with vacuuming and mopping, long runtime, 4000Pa suction power, the A11 robot vacuum can fulfill all the needs for home cleaning.

"ILIFE is constantly challenging new technologies and constantly updating its products to bring customers a better user experience. Enjoy experiencing a fully hands-free cleaning. This made updated A11 comes out." Said Mr. Miao, General Manager of ILIFE.

Advanced LiDAR Technology with CV-Slam algorithm

Advanced LiDAR Technology 2.0 with CV-Slam algorithm provides effective cleaning performance by quickly scanning and programming the best routes without missing parts and corners. Lidar enabled navigation in addition to a fantastic and fully developed app with great navigation and solid cleaning performance. The sampling rate of up to 3000 samples per second with a measuring range of 26 feet, could dramatically increase the mapping efficiency by 50%. When the A11 scans, the layout of your room is mapped in the blink of an eye. Additionally, A11 could recognize multiple levels of the house and intelligently memorize the map to clean the level next time. 

4000pa Strong Suction and long runtime

A11 provides up to 4000pa suction power with 4 adjusted power levels. Compared to the regular ones in the market, the power is doubled, collecting all kinds of messes and debris, enhancing the cleaning effectiveness. 5200mAh battery increases the running time to 3 hours for one cleaning cycle with a fully charged, clean area of 2,690 sq. ft. When the battery runs low, A11 will automatically back to the charging station get recharged then continue the cleaning cycle.

Real 2-IN-1 Cleaning Solution

2-in-1 for dustbin and water tank plus a separated 450ml dustbin made A11 unique. This innovative design satisfies different cleaning needs, simplifies the whole cleaning process with a flexible work model. Vacuum and mop work at the same time or single vacuum pattern for cleaning. A regular robot vacuum product has a dustbin and a water tank separate, which means it will take at least two times to insert the dustbin and water tank and take them out for cleaning the parts that process might feel annoying. The combination of a 200ml water tank and 300ml dustbin 2-in-1 design improves the cleaning efficiency and brings convenience to the customers.

Mopping smart as humans do 

The unique cleaning path method for A11 is worth mentioning. Moving forward by turning leftward and rightward, generates a "Y" line to clean the floor systematically. It is like the human cleaning method, more effective to clean away stubborn stains. A11 reduces the possibility of leaving dirt after one cleaning cycle, improves cleaning efficiency.

Overall, A11 is an advanced technology robot vacuum product for home cleaning, also supports voice control via Alexa to fit the smart home lifestyle. A11 is now available on Amazon US. Learn more about ILIFE A11's at ILIFE's official store.


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