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ILIFE Floor Washing Machine Shinebot W455 is Now Available in Europe
09/06/2021 Official News
ILIFE Floor Washing Machine Shinebot W455 is Now Available in Europe
ILIFE, a World-leading robot vacuum manufacturer, announced its availability of Shinebot W455 in Europe Today. Shinebot W455 not only maintains its traditional floor washing capability but also supports smart navigation and app control. With an enhanced CV-SLAM Camera Module, W455 solved the problem of lacking user interaction and customize cleaning options.

As the upgrade version of the earlier Shinebot W400, W455 enhanced its Navigation accuracy and Obstacle Avoidance. Equipped with 13 sets of high-accuracy seniors, W450 could avoid dropping and colliding effectively. The new-added app control function helps customers gain a smarter experience by scheduling Cleaning, selecting clean areas, setting up no-go-zone, and customizing cleaning modes.

Same with W400, W455 adopts a dual water tank design, so W455 can realize clean and dirty water separation easily. With the ILIFE-innovated Tidalpower cleaning system, W455 could finish 4 steps cleaning cycle at one time: Moisten, Scrub, Suction, and Scrape. That’s exactly how W455 works cleaning stubborn stains while protecting the floor.

As the star series of ILIFE, the ILIFE Shinebot W-series attracted the eyes of thousands of people since its announcement in 2018. With the theme of “harsh to the stain, gentle to the floor”, ILIFE Shinebot redefines the mopping market with a hands-free mopping design and budget-friendly price.

Earlier this year, ILIFE launched a fellow robot named W450 in the US, which has earned a good reputation from customers and high praise from the media. With great expectations from European fans, ILIFE W455 finally debuted on AliExpress today with an initial price of $199. This price only lasts 4 days from 9/6~9/9.

One thing worth mentioning is that together with Shinebot W455, ILIFE also now launched a new steam mop S50 with the sub-brand name Easine. Please check out here for more details.


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