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ILIFE A Series, Cleaner, Smater and Easier

ILIFE A-Series Robot Vacuum

ILIFE Advanced Series
More than cleaner, they are smarter than ever

ILIFE A20 LiDAR Robot Vacuum and Mop

A20 LiDAR Robot Vacuum
and Mop

*Precise LDS Navigation
*Up to 3000Pa Power Suction
*Up to 120mins Runtimes

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ILIFE A11 LiDAR Robot Vacuum and Mop

A11 LiDAR Robot Vacuum
and Mop

*Advanced LiDAR 2.0 laser navigation
*Maximum 4000Pa power suction
*The real 2-in-1 vacuum and mop

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A10 LiDAR Robot Vacuum and Mop

A10 LiDAR Robot Vacuum
and Mop

* Precise laser navigation
* Auto boost on customized area
* No-go area settings

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Smarter, as it can learn by itself

Smarter, as it can learn by itself.

Powered with advanced Lidar or panoramic navigation, A series is smart to scan and map the house precisely and more effectively.

Cleaner, out of your expectation

With vibrating mopping function, such as A11, A9s and increased suction power, A series bring more powerful cleaning experience.

Cleaner, out of your expectation
Hi, Alexa Voice Control

“Alexa” Voice Control

A-Series robot supports Amazon Alexa, so as long as it can hear, you can make it work.

True Reviews From Our Customers


Vacuum robot

Picks up well. Transitions from wood floor to carpet well. Had hoped it would do better with throw carpets but it does ok. Great product for the money.

Great for dog hair

Good deal for quality
Margaret D

So far good

Easy set up and seems to do its job. Just like other robot vacuumes.I've had. But seems to do well with covering most of the area. The app is basic and easy to use.

Fantastic purchase! Worth the money

Worked great on my laminate floors! I have two dogs and this is a life saver! I wish I would have bought it sooner.

A11 with one Navigation - that is a huge improvement

I used to have the V5 Pro, but now Ilife launched the A11, with its own navigation, OMG what a great addition to my fleet. Great product for a decent price.
Angelica Israel

Little Workhorse

We’re on our 2nd A4s with the first one lasting 2 years being programmed to run every day through it’s full charge averaging 2 hours of cleaning per day.
Scott Williams

Collects all minute dust and works up to my satisfaction

The robotics A10s collects all minute dust also and works up to my satisfaction. Only the wet mobbing needs some improvement, otherwise it is a very useful machine.

Love it picks up all the cat and dog hair

Love it picks up all the cat and dog hair

Love This Robot Vacuum

This robot vacuum works well to clean up my tile and solid wood floors. It is definitely worth the very fair price that it costs. I love it!
Anita E.

Best robo vacuum cleaner

I have purchased ilife a10s. Satisfied with the product performance. Satisfied with both vaccuming and mopping.
sreehari D

Amazing cleaning

If you have a pet, this is a must buy. Normal brushes don't work for people having pets since hair are caught up but with rubber brush they don't get tangled.
Manish bhatia

ILife A10s is a very excellent and useful product.

I am writing this review after using robot from more than one and half month and using it daily. Cleaning quality is awesome and very easy to use for any one from family.
Manoj Bendre

Very happy with the cleaning

I have the A10s for the past 3 months, i am pleased with the vaccum function and purchased one for my mother. Its very convenient and saves me hassle

ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

My sister had one that worked great, so I had to get one! It is wonderful, just leave it to do its thing & it even gets the inside corners! Just make sure you empty it out & clean the brush each time.
Melissa Fisher

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