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A80 Max
Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

A80 Max

Powerful robotic vacuum with App control

Powerful Suction up to 2000Pa

Efficiently pick up various trash in sizes of particles, from dust, debris to crumbs and beans.

Nidec Brushless Motor

The advanced brushless motor provides the robot with premium performance,
making it quieter and last longer.

Auto Carpet Boost

A80 Max increases suction power once the carpet is detected, loosening and lifting
the embedded dust and debris.

Hard floor

Floating 2-in-1 Roller Brush

Keeps constant contact with uneven surfaces with the self-adjustable brush. The 2-in-1
combination of bristles and rubber is great for fine dust, large particles and pet hair.

Cellular Dustbin

The advanced design dustbin offers easy dirt disposal and high efficiency filter performance.

Water Volume Adjustment

Effectively remove the dust and stains with the perfect water volume while mopping.

*The water level control is only available after you purchase the water tank separately.

Convenient App Control

ILIFEHOME App allows you fully control A80 Max anytime, anywhere - from weekly cleaning schedule, suction power adjustment, cleaning history to parts maintenance.

Cleaning history
Parts maintenance
Suction setting
Water level control
Cleaning modes

Multiple Cleaning Modes

A80 Max perfectly handles cleaning tasks with the various cleaning modes
for different needs.

Path Mode (Auto Mode)
is better for large spaces.
Spot Mode cleans a small
area with intense suction.
Edge Mode focuses on
corners and edges.
Max Mode provides
enhanced suction.

Automatic Self-charging

Automatically returns to the charging base when the battery power gets low.

Anti-Collision & Anti-Dropping

With a full set of sensors, A80 Max effectively avoids obstacles and accidental drops and
runs smoothly while working.

Product dimension: 330*320*77mm
Color: Navy Blue
Dustbin capacity: 450ml
Auto Carpet Boost: Yes
Charging type: Auto/Manual
Cleaning mode: Path, Spot, Classic, Edge, Max
Charging time: <360mins
Cleaning time: up to 110mins
Grade-ability: 15 degrees
Ability to cross obstacles: 15mm
Suitability: Marble, Tile, Wood, Carpet
Power: 100-240VAC 50-60HZ 22W