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ILIFE V Series, Classics never dies, Trusted by more than 2m customers

ILIFE V-Series Robot Vacuum

Classical and economical.
We designed these pet hair cleaning experts with pragmatism in mind.

ILIFE V9e Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Maximum 4000Pa Suction Power

V9e Robot Vacuum Cleaner

* Maximum 4000Pa suction power
* Convenient App control
* 700ml cyclone dustbin

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ILIFE V80 Max Robot Vacuum with mop, 2000Pa Suction Power

V80 Max Robot Vacuum and Mop

* Mopping function available
* 2000Pa suction power
* Smart Gyro navigation

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V8s Robot Vacuum with Mop

V8s Robot Vacuum and Mop

* 2-in-1 vacuum and mop
* Smart Gyro navigation
* Large 750ml dustbin

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 V3x Robot Vacuum with Mop

V3x Robot Vacuum and Mop

* The 2-in-1 Vacuum and map
* App Control, Effortless Cleaning
* Auto Boost for Carpets

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ILIFE V5s Plus Robot Vacuum with Mop

V5s Plus Robot Vacuum and Mop

* Vacuum and mop 2-in-1
* Convenient APP control
* Up to 110mins runtime

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ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

* Best entry-level robot
* Tangle-free cleaning
* 90 minutes Runtime

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Proven Reliable Quality

Proven Reliable Quality

V series is our classic collection, proven by more than 2 Million homes and featured in top medias like CNET, Businessinsider etch. As the best-seller around the world, V series worth your trial if you don't know which to choose.

Pets Hair Friendly

V series robot vacuum cleaner adopts a brushless suction opening design, which can easily pick up dirt, dust, hair, and fur without tangling, which are very friendly to pet families.

Cleaner, out of your expectation
Hi, Alexa Voice Control

Humanized Design

Slim enough to go under sofa or closet etc. Equipped with multiple humanized design like Intelligent Planned cleaning mode, big dustbin and water tank, anti-collision and anti-drop and many other user-friendly designs to simplify your life.

True Reviews From Our Customers


Set it to 100 suction and let it ride!

It works very well to clean up behind my dogs. Setting for me must be on 100 or it seems like it doesn’t pick up that much

Great vacuum

I love this cleaner. No dust bunnies ever under my bed. Makes deep cleaning a breeze. Keep the filter clean after every run otherwise you lose suction. Great item and price.

I love my vacuum

This little guy is the best at picking up hair, deep cleaning, and sucking up all that filth on the floor. God works hard, but iLife V3s Pro Vacuum Cleaner works harder


This robot vacuum does a great job. Great it fits under the beds.
Lorraine Potempa

I'm impressed

I'm not easily impressed but this thing is great. I have two dogs at home. I have to vacuum twice a week and if I don't my floors are covered. I set up the app and let her rip. It did the job.

Easy cleaning and easy to clean

I have a cleaning person but I use this in between visits. I like it a lot and the price was great. The best feature is the low profile which means it can clean under my furniture.

Might get rid of wife!

My floors are spotless and the carpets look fresh and clean. Dog hair is no where to be found. Wife might be replaced if I can get this thing to cook!
David S

Great for Dog hair

I did a lot of research before ordering this unit. So glad I did. It works perfect for my use. Picks up all the dog hair on the hard wood and tile floors.

Amazing product

I love this product (Ilife V9e). It keeps the floor extremely clean. Be guided that is thick. However it cleans perfectly under bed and other furnitures so no issues.

Great product for hard floors

Great for pet hair and human hair on hard wood floors. The large capacity dust bin is also a huge plus. I don’t have carpet so idk how well it works on that.
Jake Whitney

Great for non carpet areas

It is a little loud but works well on my LVP floors
Greg C.

It does an excellent job cleaning up my dog hair

Five stars
Jack Sauce

Best investment of the year so far!

When I went to empty it after it's first cleaning, I could not believe how much dirt, pet hair, and dust it picked up.

Cleans great on my hard wood floors and rugs

This one, V8s has not fallen down the stairs once in 9 months! (Knock on wood). This picks up all sorts of dust and hair and the mopping feature works well for a quick clean.


It Works Great. So Easy To Use!! Looks Great Too!!! The Lil Guy Vacuums And Then Mops. Though deep clean with vaccum but mopping is just like a Swiffer job. Which is fine with me!


Very clean and convenient machine

Works really great for me! I have all ceramic floors!

I am very surprised how good this vacuums and mops the floors for the price I paid! Really love the ILife v8s! Such a great choice.
Rose Stevens

More than expected

He works hard and picks up quite a bit more than I expected. The dirt receptacle inside is small, but it grabs quite a bit.

Very good for pet hair on hardwoods.

We own a golden retriever, so the daily battle over the hair is too much to contend with. This V8s has not only done amazing helping control the hair, but the added mopping feature is a plus.

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