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LiDAR Robot Vacuum and Mop

As It Reads All

A11 LiDAR Robot Vacuum and Mop

LiDAR Technology 2.0
4000Pa Suction Power
5200mAh Large Battery
Vacuum & Mop In-One-Go
Hand Mopping Simulation
Multi-Floor Mapping
Customize Cleaning Area
No-Go Zone

Smart As It Reads

Know Your Home Well

Advanced LiDAR Technology 2.0 with precise slam algorithm quickly scans and gives out the best routes for A11 to clean without missing any edges and corners.


Sampling Rate


Measuring Range

Learns and
Never Forgets

With LDS navigation, A11 will
recognize your home and quickly
map to clean your home.

Multi-Floor Mapping

Do It Like You, But Better

"Y" cleaning path imitates hand-mopping with
unique left-and-right mopping motion, it will
enlarge the coverage up to 85%, making you
away from cleaning troubles.

Always Take A Roundtrip

When the power is below 6%, A11 will automatically return to the dock for recharge.
And it will resume cleaning where it left after fully recharging.

Powerful As It Carrys

4000Pa Suction Power to Clean Away Your Trouble

Powered by advanced NIDEC brushless motor, A11 provides up to 4000Pa incredible suction with
4 adjusted power levels to collect all kinds of mess without tangling.

The real 2-IN-1 +1 should be
in ONE together

A11 is equipped with one 2-in-1 dustbin & water tank and
one separated large dustbin to meet all your needs.

Vacuums and Mops
in One Go

Unlike other robots that ask you to add on a
water tank separately, A11's real 2-IN-1 tank
simplifies your cleaning process and saves
your time.

Separated Large
Dustbin To Carry More

With the extra 450ml large dustbin,
A11 can focus on specific needs such as
carpet cleaning to carry away more
messes in one run.

150mins Long-Lasting

A11 can keep cleaning for up to 150mins.
With one full charge, A11 can clean
an area of 2,690 ft², which is
about 4 bedrooms.

Customize Experience via APP

Customize Your
Cleaning by Finger

New exclusive APP offers easy connection
and lets you customize cleaning.


Multiple Cleaning Modes

Meet with different cleaning needs.


Customize and Schedule Cleaning by Area

Set up a specific schedule for each customized room.


Set up No-Go Zone

Setting up areas where you don't need A11 for flexible cleaning.


Product Specifications

  • Model: A11
  • Net weight: 3.5kg
  • Capacity of dustbin: 0.45L
  • Capacity of 2-in-1 water tank: 0.3L dustbin + 0.2L water tank
  • Dimension: 350 X 350 X 94.5mm
  • Rated voltage: 100V-240V 50/60Hz
  • Rated power: 40W

Gonna Do Better
for You

A11 liDAR Robot Vacuum and Mop