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Powerful Clean Robot
For Carpet And Any Floor

*Note: Please do not put the robot in black floor or carpet as far
as possible and carpet thickness should be at most 12mm.

Double V-shaped Bristle brush

The new double V-shaped bristle brush, more competent and
effectivethan common brush.Easily picks up the stuff that lands
on the carpet--like dirt,cereal,dust bunnies,and crumbs.

Frequency Conversion Between 
Two Suction Power

Ordinal mode deal with dust, dirt, breadcrumbs and garbage 
debris. Max mode deal with particulates and larger debris

Utral Large Dustbin

Equipped with a utral large dustbin, you don’t need to 
empty the dustbin frequently.


Multiple Cleaning Modes for Customization

Multiple cleaning modes allow A4s cleans your unique home
with your cleaning preferences.


Automatic cleaning


Schedule cleaning


Corner and edge cleaning


Designated area cleaning

Advanced Mini-room Cleaning

The mini-room technology makes room cleaning more deep and precise with
its advanced algorithm software. Use it just by 2 clicks on the button.

Full Suit of Sensors

With the full suit of sensors, A4s intelligently gets out of
stuck and avoids obstacles and falls.

Hands Free

Scheduled on a certain time whenever you want, relax for a whole week.

Self - charge Automaticlly

No human intervention required, A4s can go back to its dock
to charge automatically

Charging Dock

*Note: Put the charging dock in an open area. Ensure there are no foreign objects
placed from 1m at both sides and 2m in the front.

Switch it on before you ready to start it


Product Dimension: 330*320* 76mm
Net weight: 2.2kg
Color: Lron gray
Dustbin capacity: 450ml

Product Parameters:

Charging type: Auto Charging / Manual Charging
Cleaning mode: Auto, Spot, Edge, MAX
Charging time: 200-350min
Cleaning time: 120±10min


Grade abillity: 15 degrees
Albility to Cross obstacles: ≤12mm
Suitability: Tile, hardwood, carpet
Power: 100-240V(50/60Hz)