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Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Smart Laser Navigation and Mapping

The robot navigates and maps your home accurately
with intelligent laser scanning, analyzes the floor
condition in real-time, adapts to any floor changes,
and optimizes the cleaning path.

Real-time scanning

Optimize cleaning path

No areas left out

Smarter APP Control

ILIFEHOME APP gives you full access to robot's functions anytime, anywhere.

  • Custom area

    After a quick scan of the home environment,
    A10 will build up a map for you to choose
    a specific room or multiple rooms for an
    immediate clean.

  • To-go zone

    Circle an area which needs intense
    cleaning, and tell the robot to clean
    the customized area only.

  • No-go zone

    With a few touches across the screen, the
    robot will build up virtual barriers to protect
    your valuables and prevent it from entering
    specific areas.

  • No mop zone

    Zone the “carpet area” on App to avoid
    the robot entering it while mopping.

  • Multi-floor Mapping

    A10 uses accurate laser scanning to recognize
    and save different levels of a home. Every floor
    can have different cleaning routines, particular
    to-go zones and invisible walls.

  • Auto boost on customized area

    For these localized areas with heavy stains,
    circle them out on ILIFEHOME APP and turn
    on suction boost to clean them completely.

  • Schedule to clean specific rooms

    Open ILIFEHOME APP, schedule the particular
    cleaning routine for a specific room or an area.

  • Frequency of side brushes

    Brushing rate: 100-240rpm
    Adjusting to the optimum brushing rate
    on different floor conditions to perform
    the best cleaning efficiency.

Premium Accessories

Enhances the cleaning efficiency of A10 comprehensively.


Cellular Dustbin

It uses self-developed design to capture more dust including
allergens, helping you keep the air fresh and clean.
Also the Cellular design reduces the possibility of the filter
get blocked, therefore less suction will get lost and maintain
the powerful suction.

Dustbin cover
Conical cylinders
Cellular structure
600ml dustbin

Large Battery Capacity

Built-in large capacity battery to reduce the time for recharging
to achieve efficient cleaning.

2-in-1 Roller Brush

Maintain close contact with the floor and adjust to uneven surface automatically, easier
to pick up dust and debris.

Optimal Essential Functions

Ensures A10 works smoothly and efficiently during each cleaning session.


Smart Battery Top-up

A10 returns to the charging dock
when power runs low, and continue
the cleanup from where it left off after
fully charged.

Multiple Cleaning Modes

Take care of different cleaning needs.

Auto Mode

Maximize coverage and
minimize incomplete

Edge Mode

Clean the corners and along the walls.

Spot Mode

Higher suction programmed for deep cleaning a designated area.

Max Mode

For Stronger Suction Power. Perfect to pick up large particles and dust bunnies.

Voice Assistance - Alexa

It only takes a few words to awaken the
robot and get a clean home.

“Alexa, turn on ILIFE A10”

Anti-collision and Anti-Dropping

Equipped with a full set of intelligent sensors, ILIFE A10 works perfectly to avoids
obstacles and accidental drops, improving cleaning efficiency.

Product Dimension: 330*320*95mm
Net weight: 2.65kg
Gross weight: 5.5kg
Color: Iron Grey
Product Parameters:
Charging type: Auto Charging / Manual Charging
Cleaning mode: Auto, Edge, Spot, MAX
Charging time: ≤ 380min
Cleaning time: > 100min
Body button type: Mechanical Button
Battery specifications: Li-ion
Ability to cross obstacles: ≤ 15mm
Applicable ground: Tile, wood floor, carpet
Power: 19V / 600mA 22W