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09/17/2021 Official News
ILIFE Launches Its First Customer Appreciation Activity in the US
ILIFE today announces its first Customer Appreciation Activity. This campaign will last for one month from September 17 to October 17, 2021. Participants who are qualified will get a $100 voucher.
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09/06/2021 Official News
ILIFE Floor Washing Machine Shinebot W455 is Now Available in Europe
ILIFE W455 finally debut on AliExpress today with an initial price of $199. This price only lasts 4 days from 9/6~9/9.
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04/13/2018 Media Reports
Six Life Hacks For Pet Owners
How to deal with pets messes? Here are 6 tips for you to get rid of it.
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01/10/2018 Media Reports
ILIFE V80: the new smart vacuum cleaner robot with space measurement
V80, a new robotic vacuum cleaner of ILIFE, comes with intelligent planning of the cleaning procedures by space measurement and many other features.
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