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Six Life Hacks For Pet Owners
04/13/2018 Media Reports
Six Life Hacks For Pet Owners

No matter how much we love our pets, certain challenges arise from keeping pets. This article is about ever-present pet hair and six ways to get rid of it.


1. Water

The need for regular wet cleaning is obvious: pet hairs not only affect your home’s appearance, but may cause allergic reactions. So mop the floor as often as possible, paying special attention to corners and gaps where hairs usually accumulate. An excellent method for cleaning furniture and carpets is to soak a bed sheet, cover the item with it, and beat it well. Not just pet hairs, but also dust and lint from the depth of the item will stick on the bed sheet.

Six Life Hacks For Pet Owners


2. Antistatic agent

Regularly treat your furniture, clothes and carpets at home with antistatic agent. Then static hairs will not heavily accumulate on their surface. The floor, home appliances, electronic devices and other hard surfaces can be wiped with a rag moistened with mild fabric softener or polish: these agents neutralize static and prevent pet hair from repeatedly sticking on them.

3. Rubber

Another life hack for pet hair is using rubber, which has excellent static properties. Acquire a rubber brush or roller. Also, a windscreen wiper, rubber glove or even a balloon can be used! Just rub the soiled surface with a rubber item, and you will see how many hairs are gathered.

4. Adhesive tape

Special sticky rollers can be used to remove pet hair. Such rollers may be disposable, or cleanable with a gel base. Ordinary adhesive tape can also be used: wrap a paint roller with it and clean your house with ease.

5. Synthetic fabrics

Instead of an ordinary rag, old nylon tights or other synthetic fabric can be used. Similarly to rubber, such fabric attracts pet hairs as a result of its static effect. Just wrap tights around your hand, wipe the floor, and electrified hair and pet hairs will be removed without any trouble.

6. Robot vacuum cleaner

With pets at home, daily vacuuming is necessary. A robot vacuum cleaner can lighten the load for tidy homemakers. The home cleaning mission is managed perfectly by ILIFE V8s, a robot vacuum cleaner equipped with a special moving nozzle makes dust removal simple and pet hair cleanup a breeze. The dustbin and the water tank make it easy to switch between dry vacuuming and wet mopping. With such vacuum cleaner, there will be no hairballs left at home.


Our life hacks will simplify cleaning, but if you want to do it less often, you should wash and brush your pet regularly, install an air humidifier at home (high humidity prevents hairs flying), and you may purchase “home clothing” for your pet, such as an overall made of breathable fabric. Washing this “attire” is much easier than cleaning your entire home.

Six Life Hacks For Pet Owners