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How to Clean Car Interior?
BY Mike / August 04, 2021

A full package car interior clean will cost at least $100. But honestly, this work can be done on your own. Just a few steps, save you $100.
Keeping the car interior a clean, tidy environment is crucial.
We spent up to 2 hours in the car depends how far you live. If you add up for a year, it will be 730 hours a year which are 30 days in total. It is a huge amount of time if we think about it.
Cars have been an important part of our daily lives.

Step 1: Vacuum Carpets and Seats

A good vacuum is essential to do this job.
If the vacuum is not powerful enough, there will be still lots of leftover fine dust remain in the small gaps in the car.
ILIFE M50 is specially designed for cleaning car interior.
With multi-functional suction nozzles, no fine dust can escape from ILIFE M50.

Step 2: Leather and Vinyl
Leather and vinyl are treated with a protective coating that requires gentle cleaning.
Clean them with a soft cloth and a small amount of dish or saddle soap and water. Follow with a leather conditioner to keep the leather from drying out.
Never use products containing bleach or hydrogen peroxide. And avoid commercial detailing sprays that leave the dashboard surface looking wet or glossy, because that can create glare.

Step 3: Hard Surface
Solutions containing at least 70 percent alcohol are safe to use on most hard interior surfaces of a vehicle, and are also effective against the coronavirus, according to the CDC.
Use a small, clean soft paintbrush or soft toothbrush to clean vents, seams, and cup holders. Then apply alcohol to a microfiber cloth to gently clean other hard surfaces.
Don’t use paper towels, which can leave a trail of lint behind.

Step 4: Windshield
The inside of the windshield and other windows can become dirty from outside air pollution and also from interior vapors that leave residues and may impede visibility.
Clean with a soft cloth (preferably chamois) and a glass cleaner containing alcohol. Use two cloths to avoid streaks: Apply the product with one, and wipe the glass clean with the other.
To avoid getting cleaner on your upholstery, always remember to spray the cloth and not the glass.

Step 5: Touch Screens
Infotainment screens have become more prominent, which means so are the dust and fingerprints that they collect. These require different cleaning products than you’d use for glass.
Dampen a microfiber cloth with isopropyl alcohol, then gently rub the screen clean.
Never use an ammonia-based glass or window cleaner, which might damage a screen’s anti-glare and anti-fingerprint coatings.

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