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How to Maintain Your Robotic Vacuum?
BY MIKE / August 03, 2021

While Robotic vacuum has been a helpful daily clean assistant, it still need some maintenance to perform at its best.  
There are some really easy steps to refresh your robotic vacuum.

1. Pay attention to robot clean environment

Robot Clean environment is always the missing point for its maintenance.
By preparing the room before cleaning, you’re helping the vacuum to do a more thorough job while protecting the more delicate  parts of your home.
The first thing you should look for are items your robot vacuum could get stuck on.

Specially pay more attention on pull cords, power cords, clothes, and other loose items, make sure they are moved away from robot clean environment.
Other items such as toys, slippers, pet dishes, and other small items are also needed to move away from the floor.
Finally make sure the floor is free from any liquids or other wet dirty waste before turning the robot vacuum on. (Excluded ILIFE W400 Series)

If you have ILIFE W400 Series products, well, good luck to you.
No need to worry about liquids or wet waste parts, W400 Series are designed for this environment.
2. Set Up

Before doing any further action on your robotic vacuum, please read through the user manual to get familiar with the robotic vacuum since it is a tech-advanced products, there is still a bit learning to do.
Double check the product parameter part in the user manual, make sure everything is included in the package.
If you are buying the ones with wifi function, make sure to read connection guide before connect to the wifi network.

3. Perform Regular Maintenance

You need regular maintenance in order to keep robot vacuum running in top shape.
Here is a simple weekly 5 steps routine that will refresh your machine.
This case we are using ILIFE A10 as an example.

Step 1:

Begin by emptying the dustbin and giving machine a little clean up.
Wash the main filter of A10 , wait until it is dried completely.

Step 2:

Next up are the Senors.
Gently and carefully wipe off the dusts , ensure A10 knows where it is going.
Step 3:

Examine the wheels to make sure that they can spin freely and no hair or threads are wrapped around the axes. Not to forget the multi-directional wheel, clear away any debris around it.

Step 4:
Remove the side brushes to give it a thorough cleaning, dislodging anything that is stuck to it.
Afterwards, examine side brushes and make sure that too, can spin freely. Cut off any hair and threads that have tangled themselves around it.

Step 5:

Finally last step to check is: are there any updates of the ILIFE phone app.
It may cause some connection issues.

4. Additional Help

If you did all the steps above, however your robotic vacuum still isn’t performing as you would expect, put the machine back to the charging base. Sometimes the machine simply hasn’t been given the opportunity to recharge and do a thorough job.

If all else fails, contact  customer support and explain the issue you are having.
Out after sale team will contact you shortly , no need to worry.

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