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How to Have an Awesome Picnic Party
BY ILIFE OFFICIAL / August 11, 2021
Love spending time outdoors? If so, a picnic is a must-do choice. Traditionally speaking, A picnic is something you can do anytime and anywhere, through which, you can experience fabulous outside-eating while enjoying the beauty of nature. There is nothing more relaxing than a picnic on a beautiful day!

It’s no picnic to have an awesome picnic style
Rome was not built in a day. Nowadays, most people especially those living in metropolises have to work 24/7, which means they feel starved for time to do have leisure time, let alone to go outside and do picnic things. however, life should be a combination of fatigue and rest. Picture this: blue sky, white cloud, vast sea, clear lake, sunshine, green plants, lush trees, gentle breeze, family, pets, friends, cheese, bread, fruit, salads, soft drinks. Set your work aside temporarily, bring your sunglasses and sunscreen because chances are high that you will do extra work for quite a while.

Here are some tips for a wonderful getaway!

Choose the right picnic spot
Picnics can have various styles based on the different venues, most of them can be divided into forest picnic, lawn picnic, and seaside picnic. Among them, the beach or lake picnic is better for BBQ, the grass picnic is generally served in the form of afternoon tea or informal eating out, and the forest picnic is usually known for long tables. You can have one of these picnics according to your hobbies. Of course, clean water is necessary, you need to choose in a safe, flat, and leeward place while avoiding places with nests and beehives.

Bring the right picnic gear
Some most basic picnic utensils like picnic mats, fresh-keeping bins, large buckets of pure water, and plastic water cups are essential. In addition, you can pick up barbecue grills, outdoor lightweight tables and chairs, candles, ice buckets, and other upgraded equipment based on your needs.
Take the easy-to-preserve ingredients
Fresher is better. It is advisable to prepare some food materials that are easy to keep fresh. There is actually a large choice of options waiting for you, like vegetables, fruits. Besides, bread, sandwich, sushi, salad, smoked fish, tea egg, and homemade pickles are also portable and delicious.

Canned drinks are preferred

Canned beverages with many different varieties and flavors are easy to take along. Besides, You will not be bothered by the different preferences of everyone. If you are interested in drinking, sparkling wine or champagne will have unexpectedly good results.

Matters need attention

Fire and safety
Be careful with the safety of fire in the field. Open fires are strictly prohibited in some areas, you should check and inquire well before going there.

Weather consultation
The fine weather cheered us up! It is necessary to consult the weather before the picnic. Make preparations against rain and sun protection, and try to choose sunny days for the trip.

Environmental conservation
Bring all food residue and rubbish back to deal with after the picnic. The earth is our cherished home, and the picturesque landscape needs to be taken care of. After all, preserving our environment is everyone’s responsibility.

Home-cleaning after the picnic
The end of a fun party is always accompanied by fatigue and the need for a good night's rest. The icing on the cake will come when you finally come back home to find a clean and cozy room.
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