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How to Get a More Optimal Plan for Raising Pets?
BY ILIFE OFFICIAL / August 09, 2021
Unlike most wild animals, a house pet is relatively small in size and tender in personality while bringing fun to life. Nowadays, many people like to have pets, some of them already have, but others still wander about which one to keep. Here are some popular pets around the world which you can take a look at to see if you are interested. Remember, while tame pets are human-friendly, families with kids should be properly supervised when handling them. Before purchasing an exotic pet, make sure to check the legality of the pet where you live.

Once talking about pets, what emerges from our minds is basically dogs. Pet dogs are definitely the most common family pets. Whether you are seeking to raise that dog who is perfect with kids,  one to want a couch potato/love bug to read your paper within the mornings, a companion to older parents and grandparents, or an athletic outdoor buddy for hikes and camping trips, pet dogs are always rank-one choice to eliminate loneliness and entertainment. Some of the most popular pet dogs today are golden retriever, teddy dog, bichon frise, and Chinese rural dog. Whatever breed of dog you like, it will bring you a lot of fun.

Cats are carnivorous mammals from the family Felidae that can range greatly in size and color. like pet dogs, pet cats are also relatively popular pets, and widely adopted in families all over the world. Comparing with dogs, cats are very independent, they do what they feel like though they are very social. Besides, each cat has a different personality. Some cats are fussy, some meow a lot, some are very picky about what they eat while some seek to get a lot of attention. Some cats are the lonely pursuers, some prefer to be held and pampered, while some may even be arrogant, and so not want too much human interaction. Most cats may meow and continuously rub their bodies against your leg to gather some attention despite all the differences. Popular pet cats on the market include Scottish fold, Persian, and ragdoll cats.

Pet hamsters are popular in recent years especially among girls because of their cut appearance low maintenance, quiet and odorless with beautiful soft fur, they can dazzle you with simple tricks or casually use you as a perch like naughty kids. Pet hamsters, especially for younger ones, need a great of companions, they require human contact more than often. Most of the foods they eat including seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. However, most pet hamsters live an average of two to three years, which will be a heavy strike for their owners. Popular pets are such as golden hamsters and Karloff hamsters.
Potbelly pigs

Do not be fooled by the impression of pigs being dirty and clumsy. Potbelly pigs are intelligent, easy to train, adorable, clean, odorless, affectionate, curious, and easy-going. Their peculiarities make them an irreplaceable and loving addition to the family. Just like kids, their sense of curiosity may sometimes lead them into mischief, and they may even be destructive. For those who want to have pet potbelly pigs, please make sure to research how to care for them in advance.

 Among the most popular pet birds, parrots are well known since ancient times due to their beautiful feathers and enchanting calls. Most people take notice of parrots because of their looks but finally are attracted by their inner charms. Parrots are friendly, playful, and capable of mimicking human speech. They are easy to tame and specialize in whistling and can even be singing by training. Parrots have a reputation for being gentle, kind, and enjoying being petted and held, which win a lot of people's love.

Rabbits are very gentle, cute, and active animals that are also social and entertaining to watch. They require a lot of interaction and form a close bond with their counterparts and even with their owners. There are a lot of potentials to be dug as long as you know what to expect from them. For example, many rabbit owners spend evenings watching TV with their rabbits by their sides or even interacting with their pets to kill time. Like parrots, rabbits are also smart and can be trained to do special behaviors and tricks. However, these animals require a bit of maintenance, which means an individual or the family needs to take a lot of time and patience to take care of them. There are 45 different breeds of rabbits recognized by the ARBA or American Rabbits Breeds Association, any of them can be a good family companion.
In conclusion, animals are friends of human beings, and also an indispensable part of the earth, we need to respect their living habits and protect their living environment. Besides, tamed animals give us a lot more than what we give back to them. When choosing a pet, you need to consider your personal preferences, which including financial status, time arrangement, and family status. After all, having a pet is like having a kid or family partner, it is not such an easy thing, and needs a great of responsibility and patience.
Special tips:
Whether you already have a pet or you are going to raise one, keep your home cleaning always priorities among the most prioritized things.
ILIFE V9e is a good family helper, it is specialized in cleaning up pet hair. With ILIFE V9e, less trouble will entangle you and your family about chores and pet-relevant problems.


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