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Fun Summer Activities You Can Do
BY ILIFE OFFICIAL / August 12, 2021
Summer is the hottest of the four temperate seasons, falling after spring and before autumn. It's full of long days, warm nights, and we're all trying to find something amazing to do. However, getting into outdoor activities in summer may sound less than popular, some summer activities are the best ways to have fun and cool off at the same time. Besides, it is a good opportunity to get in touch with nature, acquire several health benefits, and refresh your mind. Not to mention for people who want to keep a slender figure, this is really a great time to lose weight with half the effort, and will finally bring you an unexpected fitness result. If you are looking for the best thing to take up this summer, read on. It doesn’t matter if you’re just seeking to have fun or get the adrenaline pumping, there’s always something to fit your mood.


Once talking about summer, we talk about swimming. Swimming is a great recreational activity for people of all ages, especially outdoor swimming. It brings us an opportunity to exercise, gets rid of the summer heat, and it is also beneficial to all joints of the body.

It is better to do some warm-up exercises before swimming. As swimming burns more than 1000 calories per hour, swimmers can eat before but PLEASE prevent overeating after that.
You can never be too careful. Swimming is highly physically demanding; middle and elder aged people with a history of diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and lung disease should consult a doctor before swimming to avoid any potential accidents.


There really is a joy to be had as we can connect with family and friends and join them to go outside to enjoy nature, play silly games, and find ways to do exercise, and express gratitude to each other. If this, going boating will be a great choice. Whether rowing on the river or in the park, we can share the sunshine, blue sky, happiness, and wet wind blowing on the water with others. It couldn’t be better to go boating to relieve summer heat. In addition, rowing can exercise our arm muscles, making the arm muscle lines better, and getting rid of the distress of butterfly sleeves, it’s really a great summer outdoor exercise.

Rowing is a very skillful sport requiring a high level of physical balance, it’s best to practice under the guidance of a professional trainer.


Jogging increasingly becomes the spice of life; some people even go jogging every day, come rain or shine.
Being recognized as one of the healthiest exercises, jogging can bring you a lot. Imagine a stronger body, a healthier value of body indicators, a slimmer’s shape, and even a more positive mood. You can get all these goods through jogging if you persist to do it.

Running slowly will also be likely suffered from injury. When performing jogging, you should relax your shoulder, lean body forward, and keep natural and comfortable amplitude.
Do a good job of sun protection when jogging, wear shoes with soft soles suitable for walking, plan a good route, and then go for it.

Brief sum-up

While doing these awesome outdoor activities above, you can also keep your home clean and neat. Open ILIFEHOME APP to wake up your ILIFE Robot, make a sweeping schedule, and you will always have a cozy and pleasant home environment.
As the old go says” carrying out training in the coldest and the hottest parts of the year”, some other exercises, like hiking, go biking, go fishing and doing yoga is also advisable. The key point is to choose a suitable one for you, and it is better to make a choice according to age, physical status, and personal hobbies.

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