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5 Packing Tips for Daily Travel
BY mike / August 04, 2021
The meaning of travel is to explore the world in a different way and communicate with people that come from different regions. However, due to COVID-19, we are locked down in our own areas, travel restrictions.
This blog hopefully can let us remember the good times when there is no COVID-19 around. Also, feel free to save for later.
Here are a few tips that will make packing feel effortless and some helpful suggestions on how to take care of your house while you are gone.

1. Plan ahead

A full trip without planning can turn into a disaster. Simply because it will be many small accidents happening during the trip.
Consider the  following elements before you do the planning:

The number of days and nights you will stay
Special outfits for specific events like a formal dinner
Access to a washer or dryer
Luggage Space for your shopping and souvenirs.
Your surroundings, i.e. pickpockets in crowded cities
Clothes that will support your physical needs, like sturdy walking shoes

2. Roll your clothes

If you’re going on a long trip and there’s no laundry service insight, add extra space in your suitcase by rolling your clothes instead of folding them in the usual bulky squares. The more clothes in your suitcase, the more options you have before needing to wash your outfits.
The best way to roll your tops is to lay them facedown and fold in the sleeves. Roll your shirts or long-sleeved blouses from the bottom up. For pants, fold the legs together and then roll from the waist down. You can now pack your pants in one area of the suitcase and the tops in another, or match the clothes by the outfit.
3. Packing cubes

Packing cubes are another great way to save space as they neatly stack together in your luggage. Use them to sort all your clothes, shoes, and toiletries into individual cubes and stop your suitcase from looking like an unsolvable puzzle.

4. Compression bags

Compression bags are a resourceful idea for maximizing your suitcase space. Some bags require a special vacuum but squeezable bags are simple and affordable. All you have to do is pack your clothes, seal the bags, and roll the extra air out of the one-way air valve.

5. Pack with purpose

As you pack, remember the Weight of the pack.
Balance your suitcase weight is vital.
You don’t want to carry super huge luggage all over when you traveling.

Special reminder:

Come back to a clean home.
A good vacation means a departure from your daily busy life.
With a helpful robotic vacuum, you can leave all the housecleaning worries behind you.
Imagine when you come back home, your house is still clean, that would be wonderful.

ILIFE A10s is a pretty good choice for this job. ILIFE A10s is ILIFE’s first robotic vacuum with LiDAR Navigation that also with mopping function.
The best function A10s has when the owner is away from home is “Schedule Cleaning “. You can remote control through ILIFE phone app to schedule your when to start vacuum/mop and also set up the vacuum/mop time.
Let the ILIFE A10s take care of all your floor needs while you are off chasing those beautiful horizons.

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