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Reviews From Our Well Trusted KOLS
BY Mike / July 27, 2021
ILIFE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, What does Media Say About It?


“Wow, I must say this side brush really does make a difference.”
“Taken side brush concept from the robotic division and taken this idea to cordless stick vacuum, which is a brilliant idea.With this, it just really helps to get along things like skirting boards or into corners which can be really difficult with a lot of cordless vacuums”

“One of the best features of this vacuum is the little top corner side brush, is actually incredible and so useful for getting dirt and stuff on the wall or under harder reach places. It kicks dust or dirt into the path of the vacuum head which is simple and brilliant.”

“That is fantastic,look it's flicking on there to the middle.
“I am really impressed with the little brush.”

“Now that is something really important and the main reason for that is if you have a vacuum lets got say 0.3 or 0.4 capacity then if you have got a big area to vacuum, you will find it you are constantly empty the bin because it can get a bit frustrating when you have to do that, then you are not empty that that often.”

“Honestly i wasn’t expecting much since this is a cheap cordless vacuum but the test numbers are impressive , it averaged in high 90s on all surface debris pick up rate.”

“With all that said, this is an extremely low cost vacuum, so like the old saying goes, you are definitely getting what you are paying for.”

“For the Stick Vacuum itself, the pro is it’s a simple easiest design , also the latching trigger is really nice so you don’t have to hold down a trigger as you are running it, just press it once and it continues on.”
“Just plug into the usb type-c charging socket, it will charge.It’s quite unique in this industry, we tend to find out not many cordless vacuums offer charging via usb, but that’s really good.”

“It is a pretty good cordless vacuum, it’s pretty lightweight. I think it’s 0.65 kg or 1.4333 pounds.
And the battery life is pretty good, i have been able to do multiple cleaning sections on one value charge.”

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