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ILIFE G50--a Unique Spinning Side Brush Vacuum
BY ILIFE OFFICIAL / September 20, 2021
ILIFE devotes itself to researching and developing handheld & stick vacuums, namely cordless stick vacuums, handheld vacuum cleaners, wet&dry vacuum cleaners, and steam mops, ect.  With the commitment to making life easier, ILIFE never stops seeking the outbreak of core techniques and the innovation of the intelligent cleaning sector. That’s why ILIFE brought a side brush into G50.
The unique design of spinning side brush

Alongside an ordinary roller brush, G50 has an additional side brush on the bottom of the motorized floor head. While a roller brush deals with most household garbage, a spinning side brush specializes in gathering dust and debris from corners and edges where the former fails to vanish, maximizing cleaning coverage and optimizing cleaning efficiency.

One device, two more applications


G50 is versatile due to its various accessories covering a roller brush, a 2-in-1 suction nozzle, a crevice tool, a side brush, and an extended wand, which are all included in the kit. Since a G50 is available to clean the whole room, never bother to bring a ladder to clean the ceiling, remove the sofa to sweep the dead corner, or detach the curtain to do regular washing.
Efficient cyclone system with four-level filtration

An advanced filtration system enables G50 to pick up and take apart dust and debris of different sizes through four-level filtration, maintaining high efficiency and improving the filtration performance.


ILIFE G50 is a cordless stick vacuum cleaner, but never an ordinary one. Alongside these features we talked about above, it gives more than your imagination. Some peculiarities are as follows:
1. Adjustable suction power: 7kpa suction (Normal Mode) and 10kpa suction (Max Mode)
2. Real-time LED display: Battery Indicator, Working Modes, Airflow Blocked Alert, and Brush Tangled Alert
3. Swivel floor head with built-in LED light: Up to 270°
4. One-touch disposal design and washable filter accessory: Dry in the air before reusing the filter.
Please click here for more information about ILIFE G50.


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