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ILIFE Introduces Three New Products at CES 2020
ILIFE Introduces Three New Products at CES 2020
Jul 12,2021
  Breaking through robotic cleaning technology SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ILIFE, a world-leading robot vacuum manufacturer, presented three new models at CES 2020 in Las Vegas on January 7. These models include "A10" vacuuming and mopping robot with laser navigation; "V9" vacuum robot with superior suction power; and the upgraded "Shinebot W450" floor washing robot. These three new robot vacuums represent ILIFE's focus on performance and cost-effectiveness, presenting the next-generation smart cleaning options to the consumers.   The launch of A9 and Shinebot W400 marks ILIFE's new progress on robotic home cleaning in 2019. Shinebot W400 excels in stubborn stain removal, a problem that most robot vacuums in the market can't handle. A9 is a heavy-duty vacuum robot equipped with proprietary Cellular dustbin which prevents loss of suction after extended use. As well as the last generation of ILIFE V series, V8s, 2-in-1 cleaning robot, all these exhibit ILIFE's commitment to providing the best solutions for different cleaning needs.   "It's the first time ILIFE revamps all of the three major collections, bringing upgraded A series, V series and Shinebot series to the world," said Koon Leung Chan, General Manager of ILIFE. "These upgrades are products of our established R&D capability and long-term commitment to smart cleaning industry. In the future, we'll contribute more new ideas to the industry." A10: Laser navigation vacuuming and mopping robot   Scheduled to launch in the first half of 2020, A10 is ILIFE's first laser navigation vacuuming and mopping robot which performs quick and accurate 360°scan of the surroundings. The SLAM algorithm facilitates continuous analyses and adjustments of the cleaning path to ensure high coverage and cleaning effectiveness.  Imitating the way humans mop, A10 comes with a patented vibrating water tank which has three adjustable water flow levels, quickly loosening and dissolving stubborn stains. Automatically detect and avoid carpets, the sensors installed in the water tank help prevent floor damage. A10 is transformed into a vacuum by replacing the water tank with the dustbin. It cleans with strong, consistent suction and a self-adjusting 2-in-1 roller brush which keeps close contact with the floors while cleaning. Detection of carpet and MAX mode activation are automatic to ensure maximum dust and hair pickups.   Shinebot W450 floor washing robot   Shinebot W450 with camera navigation is the upgraded version of W400 which has earned positive reviews from the public for its cleaning performances. Equipped with TidalPower 4-step cleaning system and separated clean and dirty water tank, W450 scrubs the floors with clean water and remove dirty water with strong suction to prevent secondary pollution. A perfect solution for floors that require frequent scrubbing, W450 is equipped with upgraded Panoview navigation technology, guiding it to navigate the rooms systematically with CV-SLAM algorithm to avoid missing or repeating any areas.   V9 robot vacuum with strong suction   With strong 4000pa suction power, V9 is designed to achieve maximum dust and debris pickups on all kinds of hard floors and carpets. V9 features a newly developed washable whirlwind dustbin. Inside the dustbin, powerful centrifugal force is generated when air passes through its unique structure and pulls fine dust out of the air before deposited to the bottom. This helps prevent filter blockage that in turns maintains strong, consistent suction even after extended use. Enabled by the upgraded Panoview navigation technology, V9 navigates along a zigzag path without repeated cleaning or missing any areas. With the accurate CV-SLAM algorithm, V9 is able to achieve complete coverage and capture more dust.     ILIFE's has been dedicated to bringing new innovative ideas to the smart cleaning industry, and making intelligent home cleaning accessible to people with diversified offerings. To see how ILIFE robots work in real-life environments, visit our demonstration zone at Booth 25450, South Hall 2, Las Vegas Convention Center. About ILIFE   Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, ILIFE is a high-tech company specializing in robotic cleaning technology. Having successfully penetrated the global market, ILIFE's sales network reaches over 35 countries and regions, offering technologically advanced, high-quality and cost-effective automated products to the consumers around the world.    More Blog Articles You May Would Like to Read: How to Choose Between Robotic Vacuum and Cordless Stick Vacuum ILIFE A10 Wins the Red Dot Award Product Design 2020 How to Choose an ILIFE Robot VacuumCleaner ? ILIFE A10 Product Introduction B5 Max - Well Balanced Robotic Vacuum                
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