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How to Have Cleaner Training Room for Perfect 10s?
BY ILIFE OFFICIAL / August 09, 2021
Quan Hongchan, one of the Chinese diving athletes won the gold medal for women's 10-meter platform diving with two perfect 10s scores and set a new Olympic record. The 14-year-old girl made media waves at the Tokyo Olympics, and aroused a frenzy of public discussion about diving, such an amazing thing!
What the diving is
As part of the Olympic games, diving is one of the most beautiful water sport requiring a high degree of professionalism. Diving athletes need to jump or fall into water from a platform or springboard with a variety of postures of acrobatics. In addition, there is also unstructured and non-competitive diving, a recreational activity to pass the time and do fitness.
How diving athletes do daily training

There are two basic training for these athletes, namely technical actions training and strengths training, and the latter is the footstone of the former. Hence, they should be familiar with the basic actions, which include power training, body posture training, body flexibility training, and body sense training. There are a lot of technical actions awaited for athletes. Meanwhile, all these actions are coherent, such as approaching and board work, moving arms down, body straightening, and entry.

Besides, they need to conquer psychological problems of fear by adjusting the degree of difficulty and doing specialized training. The psychological adjustment for the race is also a big challenge. After all, good attitudes make everything good.
Where do athletes do this training

Since diving is a sport related to water, we definitely believe that what a professional athlete needs to do is repeatedly jumping in the water with actions of varying difficulties. However, that is not the whole truth.

Actually, most of this training is carried out in some large practice rooms full of all sizes of sponge pads, pits, and wires. Athletes need to do all their practices maturely before frequently diving into the water.
How to clean these training rooms

Its time -consuming and energy-sapping to clean such rooms with huge areas and overwhelming sponges. Yep, don’t be so upset, ILIFE H75 will help you out.
Adjustable extension wand
With its extension wand, H75 can wander in each corner in which you want it to go, even the toughest stains in the crack could be defeated, let alone those dust attached on the surface of sponges.
Large dust cup
The larger, the better. H75 has a 1.3L extra huge dust cup, which is twice the commons ones in the market. It is literally tailor-made for larger space types.

Full-featured attachments
H75 is definitely versatile, it’s portfolio beyond hard floor cleaning and Bristle roller brush, and includes 270°adjustable floor head and built-in LED light
Convenient one-touch disposal and washable filter

Simply press the release button to empty the dustbin without touching the dust and trash. The washable filter is eco-friendly and easy to maintain to keep the peak performance of the device.
Convenient to store
Hang H75 on the wall mounting bracket or attach the main body on the extension wand to place it into a small cabinet. Both ways save space.

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