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2022 New Year's Resolutions To Keep Your Home Clean
BY ILIFE OFFICIAL / December 29, 2021
2022 is nearby and it's about time to write down your New Year's resolutions. Why not start with some easy cleaning routines that you can do to keep your place clean all year. Today, we prepare 3 fool-proof list of cleaning techniques for you.

1. Declutter your most used space first
Begin with the area where you stay the most. It might be the gaming desk in your room or the sofa in the living room. It is where the most complicated cleaning task takes place because it is easily overloaded. And you will be forced to clean frequently. The best way to deal with it is to keep it simple. Only keep the must-used stuff and put away small things in a reachable place. For example, you can store your pens, notebooks, snacks in the drawers to leave your desk tidy. In this way, the area will always have enough space prepared for the next event.

2. Always put stuff back to where it should be
It is an easy and super helpful habit to keep. Plan the layout of your stuff in the room and assign a specific position for each stuff. For example, every time you come back home, immediately take out the keys in your pocket and put them on the table, hang your coat in the closet instead of throwing it at your chair, etc. This habit simply stops you from creating multiple tiny mess for the future. And it is also a good trick to avoid losing your stuff since you will always pick it up and put it back at the same place.

3. Spend five to ten minutes tidying every day
You don't necessarily have to accomplish a huge cleaning task. It can be as simple as removing big stuff on the floor and clicking the power button of your robot vacuum. You would only need one click to start it and then one minute to take out the trash and wash the dust bin after cleaning is done. The robot vacuum will do the rest for you while you are enjoying your free time. Here are some ILIFE products that might help you with your cleaning routines:
For vacuuming: ILIFE V9e
For mopping: ILIFE Shinebot W455
For small surfaces: EASINE M50
And over 30 other products to choose from in ILIFE

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