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Over 3 million happy families around the world use ILIFE robot vacuum and mop everyday.
Ranks as an all-time Best Seller on with tens of thousands of positive reviews.
Recommended by The New York Times, USA Today, Consumer Reports and other media.

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Greater Suction Power and
Smart Gyro Path Planning

Robot Vacuum and Mop
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Best Wet Dry Vacuum Mop 2022
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"As a mom, you need an ILIFE W100 wet dry vacuum mop, One-button vacuuming of wet and dry. ILIFE makes life easier ❤"
"We left home for a vacation last week, 🏖 but I left a little helper scheduled to take care of my house cleaning."
"Thanks to ILIFE , I have more spare time to have my own relaxing moments with my family."
"I previously purchased the A4s about 3 or 4 yrs ago and I always thought they were great vacuums. A10 got better!"
"The boys have named it rocket ! Rocket vaccums and also mops. Saving me time to enjoy little things."
"This is my new ILIFE vacuum cleaner. Super easy to use. The quality is very good. I recommend, my lover!”