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ILIFE Brings Smart Spring Cleaning Solutions to Every Home
BY ILIFE OFFICIAL / March 16, 2023 cleaning is a time-honored tradition that helps us freshen up our homes and get rid of clutter after a long winter. It's a chance to open up the windows, let in some fresh air, and get our spaces looking and feeling their best. Whether you're tackling the task on your own or enlisting the help of a trusty home cleaning robot, ILIFE brings spring cleaning solutions for every home to make your cleaning experience as smooth and efficient as possible.

ILIFE T10s: Experience 60 Days of Hands-free Clean

The ILIFE T10s has a self-empty station that helps to empty the robot's dustbin in 20 seconds thanks to its 20KPa cyclone dust-collection technology. Its disposable 2.5L dust bag can hold up to 60 days of dust and debris to offer users 60 days of hands-free convenience. With 3000Pa powerful suction, the 2-in-1 vacuum and mop combo easily picks up stick-in crevice dust and mops up stubborn stains for a deep clean from floors to carpets. The robot uses LiDAR navigation to quickly create floor maps for up to 5 levels and users get custom cleaning for every level and room including schedule, suction power, and more via the app. The robot is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa voice control.  it is ideal for hard floors and carpet floors.

Level up your smart home cleaning and don't hesitate to get it home now.

ILIFE W90: Ultra Clean in One Step. 

ILIFE W90 Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner features an innovative 3-in-1 cleaning system, which allows it to vacuum, mop, and wash simultaneously. High-capacity dual tank design offers users longer cleaning with real-time fresh water. Powerful suction enables it to quickly remove wet and dry messes on multi-surface floors. Suitable for hardwood, laminate, linoleum, tile, vinyl, marble, stone, etc. The intelligent voice prompting system also gives users real-time updates while cleaning, making cleaning fun. After cleanup, users can just place the device on the 3-in-1 dock, then it will finish self-cleaning within 1 minute to keep its roller always clean. Easy to maintain and ready for your next use. 

Experience a new level of effortless cleaning. Grab it now and save big on our official store.

About ILIFE 

ILIFE technology is committed to helping customers worldwide create a cleaner, easier, and smarter life by providing advanced cleaning products including robot vacuums, wet&dry vacuum cleaners, and floor washing robots. We cannot wait for you to experience our amazing products with the latest smart cleaning technology. Be sure to share your spring cleaning story and tag us @ilife_global with #cleanwithilife. Happy spring cleaning! 

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