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ILIFE A7 Helps You to Clean Rainy Days Out
BY ILIFE OFFICIAL / August 13, 2021
A rainy day would come sooner or later!

When most of a region’s average annual rainfall occurs, the rain season comes. What we may find interesting is that a rainy day not only refers to the real-time weather condition, but also to a time or period of unforeseen difficulty, trouble, or need. It is predicted that the expression may originate from the ways when casual rural laborers needed to save a proportion of their wages for a rainy day, i.e. for occasions when extreme weather might prevent them from working and earning daily bread.
At that time, a rainy day would definitely depressed and frustrate people who struggled on the edge of food and clothing. However, everything has two coins, as the saying goes, you don't know what happiness is until you lose it, you don't know what health is until you are ill. Health is of vital importance to life. To some extent, rainy is also a kind reminder—breadwinners can sleep and not feel guilty.

What comes to your mind on a rainy day

What occurs you first once talking about a rainy day? Running into a traffic jam, going into deep sorrow, or just ignoring it? Actually,“There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes”. There are also a thousand rainy day quotes celebrating the rainy day.
“I always feel sorry for people who think more about a rainy day ahead than sunshine today.”     -Rae Foley
“Many a man curses the rain that falls upon his head, and knows not that it brings abundance to drive away from the hunger.”  -Saint Basil
“What’s a rainy day without some delicious coffee-flavored loneliness?”  -Sanober Khan
It’s always a nice day above the clouds.”  -James Stoddah
Rugged conditions may ruin sunny days and all outdoor activities, there are still cozy fun indoor activities

4 small tips of indoor activities on a rainy day

Have a themed movie marathon
Streaming a movie when the weather is bad is a classic option, so I suggest you kick it up a notch by choosing a theme. Getting ready to binge-watch an entire series of movies from the beginning to the end making you completely forget about the trouble of rainy days.

Read books
Reading a book is one of the top options to pass the time when it rains. Books are like an ocean of knowledge, a recorder of information and food for the soul. Whether it’s a literary novel, a classical poem, or a short booklet, you can feel all emotions within the book, and get a lot of inspiration about life and work. Books are a man's best friend and a great companion.

Cuisine preparation

It is not convenient to eat out on rainy days, so why does not have to try to cook on your own at home? It is more like a healthy lifestyle than takeaways, moreover, it is also a mood-lifter to pass the boredom and a touch of warmth in the bad weather.

Dream vacation planning
Have you ever talk about a trip for a while, but never actually getting around to planning it. That changes today. Pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee, open up your laptop, and plot out in advance.

Kind reminder

You may have trouble squeezing time to do these indoor activities above due to heavy and annoy housework, let alone to keep a good mood. Take it easy, ILIFE Robot will help you out. As a smart planned cleaning robot vacuum with APP control, ILIFE A7 allows you to preset a cleaning schedule for any time and any day and will start cleaning automatically at the scheduled time, making itself a good partner for your rainy days.

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