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Holiday Gift Guide 2022: 7 Unique Gifts For The Home Cleaning
BY ILIFE OFFICIAL / November 24, 2022
As the beginning of the holiday season, Thanksgiving is a national shift in mood and we get ready for gift-giving and more celebrations. It is a time to express our gratitude for family and come together to enjoy a meaningful holiday. What's happier than seeing your family's smiling faces while opening a surprise gift you bring them?

Smart cleaning robotic vacuums make great holiday gifts. Who doesn't love being taken the hassle out of home cleaning and keeping floors looking dust-free, especially for your family? ILIFE offers you a great way to express gratitude with ultimate gift ideas this year. Keep reading to check out our top gift picks for this holiday season. Make sure to head to our official store and enjoy the best deal of the year!

Table of Contents:
  • ILIFE V3s Pro---Editors' Choice, Most Popular with Its Best Price Ever
  • ILIFE A11---Premium Pick for the Advanced Robot Combo
  • ILIFE V8s---Budget Pick for A Smart 2-in-1 Robot 
  • ILIFE A80 Max---Economical Hybrid Robot Vacuum and Mop
  • ILIFE W400---Best Floor Washing Robot Mop 2022
  • ILIFE H70---Ultimate Cordless stick vacuum
  • ILIFE W100---Best All-in-One Vacuum Mop 2022

ILIFE V3s Pro--Editors' choice, most popular with its best price ever

As the best seller on Amazon and also a favorite pick-up for editors, ILIFE V3s Pro is budget-friendly yet still effective at cleaning your home floor or carpets. It focuses on tangle-free hair removal from pets and grime like dirt, crumbs, and anything else. Featured with a low-profile design, it can fit under beds or sofas where dirt hides. So you will have the option to clean all the hidden dirt including the known impossible ones. Even though it doesn't have WiFi connectivity or the ability to connect to an app, its included remote was very easy to use. 

 Buy it and save big now before the time-limited offer is gone.

ILIFE A11-Premium pick for the advanced robot combo

Want a champion that can collect all kinds of household mess and refresh your floor? Look no further than our A11. With LiDAR 2.0 Technology and Slam Algorithm, it can quickly recognize and build a map of your home. Thanks to its 4000Pa strong suction with 4 adjusted power levels, it vacuums and mops at the same time like a pro to effortlessly pick up the pet hair, crumbs, dirt, and grime. Customizable room cleaning plans can just be made according to the different schedules of family members via the new exclusive APP ILIFEVAC. It earned high marks like " Almost Perfect Robot Vacuum" not only on Amazon as a newly upgraded model. 

Get the best gift today to enjoy your smart home cleaning.

ILIFE V8s--Budget pick for a smart 2-in-1 robot 

The vacuum and mop V8s boasts a bunch of cool features with better performance, including an enhanced suction inlet, a large 750ml dustbin, and multiple infrared sensors. V8s can recognize what furniture objects to avoid, so you won't have to deal with it constantly crashing into the couch, a pile of laundry on the floor, or falling downstairs. When its battery power becomes low, it will return to the charging base automatically. 

Be sure to check it out for the time-limited discount today. 

ILIFE A80 Max--Economical hybrid vacuum and mop

A80 Max is more than meets the eye as it's designed to work as both a mop and a vacuum. Using the app, your giftee can set up a weekly cleaning schedule, so the robot will automatically clean based on your needs without ever working up a sweat. You can also adjust the suction level for higher efficiency when cleaning dust, crumbs, debris, or hair. This gadget can increase suction power once the carpet is detected, loosening and lifting the embedded dust and debris. It can also build a virtual map of your loved one's home, navigate over thresholds and rugs up to 15mm thick, and works seamlessly across both carpeted and hardwood flooring. 

Give a gift today to enjoy the powerful robotic vacuum.

ILIFE W400---Best Floor Washing Robot Mop 2022

Every mom loves a spotless space but often hates having to keep up with the cleaning while running a household. Thanks to the all-new Tidal Power Cleaning System, W400 can clean stubborn stains thoroughly in just 4 steps including moisten, scrape, suction, and scrub processes while protecting the floor. The best floor washing robot uses a fiber roller and performs wet cleaning with smart Gyro Navigation. Equipped with a set of anti-collision and anti-fall sensors, our Shinebot won't bump into furniture or walls while cleaning the floors. A built-in 0.85L water tank keeps the robot's spin brushes damp through the entire job while the long-lasting rechargeable battery will keep the robot mop running 645ft² on one charge. Without having to spend hours at a time mopping, mom will love the versatility and freedom that the W400 floor washing robot gift adds to her day. 

Save big now to gift something new before the special offer ends. 

ILIFE H70-Ultimate cordless stick vacuum

ILIFE H70 cordless stick vacuum cleaner comes with several suction tools to clean your floors, furniture, carpets, and everywhere. The ergonomically designed handle will offer you optimum comfort to avoid stress for long-time use. The LED headlights help ensure no missing areas that dust is hidden under the bed and sofa. At any time, it's easy to be transformed into a handheld vacuum for enhanced maneuverability. Its removable battery will offer you up to 40 minutes of continuous cleaning in normal mode after a full charge. If necessary, you can freely switch to the Max mode to deeply clean a particularly dirty area. 

Grab it now to enjoy the cordless and versatile vacuum convenience. 

ILIFE W100---Best All-in-One Vacuum Mop 2022

Regarding performance-wise and convenience, W100 has earned high scores for its 3 steps including vacuum, mop, and dry in one cleaning cycle to keep your floors free of harsh stains and dirty mess. The device comes with a 600ml clean water tank and a 500ml dirty water tank. No need to take a break frequently during your cleaning process to empty the dirty water and refill your water tank. With brush rolls, a real-time LED display giving a smart voice assistant, and an effective self-cleaning cycle, W100 is always popular on our wet and dry vacuum recommendation list. 

Don't miss it out and rush today to enjoy a special benefit before it's too late. 

Time is timing! Remember to pick up a great gift from ILIFE for those you love this season. Gift a clean home with ILIFE and be sure to share your wonderful hands-free clean story #iliferobot #cleanwithilife with our community! We wish you all a healthy and meaningful holiday. 

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With Much Gratitude,

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