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Why does the robot make more noise and clean less efficiently than before?
The robot needs to be maintained regularly. Follow these steps to remove debris from the robot:
1.Turn off the power switch. Remove and empty the dustbin.
2.Clean the primary and high-performance filters.
3.Clean the main brush.
4.Remove and clean the side brushes.5. Remove and clean the main brush.
Why the robot isn’t mopping the floor properly?
The mop cloth holder may be installed improperly. Press down the middle of the holder and a click sounds and the holder should be level.
Water isn’t coming out of the water tank
1. Check if the water tank is properly installed: align the air pump with the valve. Tab the valve with a small stick a few times to make sure water can pass through.
2. Clean the outlets if they are clogged with debris.
Why the robot isn’t connected to the charging dock for recharge?
1.Clean the charging pins on the robot and the charging dock if they are dirty. Try to recharge the robot again.
2.Press the Home button on the remote to let the robot dock itself instead of placing the robot on the dock yourself.
The side brush is not working or rotating very slowly
1. The robot’s battery is low and has entered into search mode for the charging base. The robot's side brushes and wheels will move slower in this mode.
2. Side brushes are jammed by debris. Remove and clean them.
The signal light on top of the robot is off after the robot has idled for some time.
The robot will enter sleep mode after idling for a certain period of time. To reactive the robot, press the “CLEAN” or “AUTO” button.
Can I charge the robot with the water tank in it?
Water tank installed in robot is not recommended before charging. This may cause damages to the robot and the charging base.
Why does the robot spit out dust while it's working?
Check if the dustbin is full. Empty and clean the dustbin regularly.
Make sure the turbo brush and its cover have been installed
Remove the cover of turbo brush and see if there is any debris stuck around the turbo brush,clean it up
Can I put detergents into the water tank?
Detergents are not recommended. Detergent residuals may block the outlets of the tank, preventing water flow.
The robot moves backwards abruptly.
Check if robot passes over a darker area and trigger its cliff sensors.Recommended put the robot on an tint area to restart.If there is the same problem,please contact our customer service for helping to solve it
The side wheels slip or are not rotating while the robot is cleaning.
1. There is liquid on the floor. The slip is caused by reduced friction between the side wheels and the floor.
2. The mop cloth holder has loosened during cleaning and causes too much friction with the floor. Remove the mop cloth holder.