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Replaceable for normal vacuum cleaner? Powerful? You can hang it up?
Yes, you can hang, two power modes, powerful enough!
The noise level has clearly increased.
1. Clean the suction passage if it is clogged with debris.
2. Check if the side brushes are loose.
3. The dustbin is full or the high-performance filter was washed with water. Empty the dustbin and replace the high-performance filter.
4. Noise level increases when the robot is in MAX mode.
Why does the cleaner make more noise and clean less efficiently than before?
cleaner require regular maintenance. Follow the steps below to remove debris from the cleaner:
1. Turn off the power switch. Empty the dust cup and remove the filter.
2. Clean the primary and high performance filters.
3. Clean the air duct
4. Remove and clean the roller brush.
Do I need to maintain the cleaner?
You need to maintain your vacuum cleaner regularly. After using for a period of time, the dust box and the filter inside need to be cleaned. In addition, if the roller brush has a lot of tangled hair, it needs to be cleaned manually.
Can i wash the filter
Yes,you can cleaning the filter,don't need to buy new filter when it gets dirty
What is the suction power?
normal mode  8 kpa
max      mode 16kpa
How long should be the first battery charging?
about five hours
How long is the usage time after fully charged
Regular mode:30min and MAX mode:15min