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Powerful to Keep Your
House Clean and Fresh

4000Pa Powerful Suction for Deep Cleaning

Easily picks up everything from fine dust to large particles, no matter on hard
floors or low carpets.

Powered by Premium Nidec Brushless Motor

The superior brushless motor provides V9e with powerful and sustainable suction,
a longer lifespan, and quiet operation.

Advanced Filtration Captures 99.95% Allergen and Bacteria

The 3-stage filtration system isolates different sizes of particles step-by-step, effectively
captures dust and debris and expels fresh air, keeping V9e in peak performance.

700ml Large and Washable Dustbin

The large capacity reduces the frequency of emptying the dustbin. With the detachable
and washable design, the dustbin is easy to clean and maintain.

Smart Control by ILIFEHOME App

Convenient to operate V9e on your phone at anytime, anywhere.

Cleaning history
Suction Setting
Parts Maintenance

Multiple Modes Meet Various Cleaning Needs

From a small amount of dust to piles of trash, small areas to large space cleaning, V9e
easily handles all the cleaning tasks.

Auto mode maximizes cov-
erage in a large space.
Spot mode cleans the
specific area with 4000pa
Edge mode handles
corners and edges cleaning.
Max mode enhances
suction up to 3000pa.

Great Obstacle Crossing Ability

Whether it’s a carpet or a threshold, V9e can easily cross it without restrictions.

Anti-collision & Anti-drop

Equipped with full sets of smart sensors, V9e performs well in avoiding accidental
drops and collisions automatically, without any more attention needed.

Product dimension: 310*300*112mm
Net weight: 6.4lb (2.9kg)
Color: Black + Ivory
Dustbin capacity: 700ml
Product Parameters:
Charging type: Auto Charging / Manual Charging
Cleaning mode: Auto, Edge, Max, Spot
Charging time: < 300min
Cleaning time: > 110min
Grade-ability: 15 degree
Ability to cross obstacles: ≤ 0.8 inches (20mm)
Suitability: Tile, wood floor, carpet
Power: AC 100-240V (50/60HZ) 28W
Working voltage: 21.6V