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Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Self-navigating 2-in-1
cleaning robot vacuum

Intelligent cleaning

The intelligent i-Move navigation system and award-winning i-Dropping system make V8s an efficient
and methodical dry and wet cleaner.

i-Move: Navigational

Accurate and stable, i-Move gyro navigation
system directs V8s to constantly review and
adjust its M-shaped cleaning route, achieving
maximum time and cleaning efficiency and
minimum repeated coverage or missed corners.


i-Dropping: Smart mopping system

With the award-winning, upgraded i-Dropping system, V8s has precise control
over the amount of water dropping for hard floor mopping to
prevent flooring or cable damages.

Clean with stability

Assisted by a complete set of sensors and
RoadRover wheels, V8s can manage a
smooth ride across different types of floor.

RoadRover wheels

V8s can manage a smooth ride on uneven
floors – the large RoadRover wheels allow it
to pass a doorsill or travel over a carpet


Automatic dock and

V8s knows when its battery is low and
automatically retreats to its charging
dock for recharge.

4 cleaning modes

V8s takes care of you different needs with 4 cleaning modes. The remote control makes mode switching
at the mere touch of a button.

Aesthetic & user-friendly

Improved streamlined design and functional components
enhance V8s’ aesthetics and usability.

Mechanical keys & LCD display

V8s keeps you informed with simple icons
on its LCD display. The mechanical keys on
its body allow it to give immediate response
to your commands.

Streamlined profile

The curvilinear design allows V8s to freely pass through narrow spaces in any indoor setting,
so it won’t miss any hidden dust and debris under the furniture.

Large dustbin with high
performance filters

The 750ml dustbin enables V8s to take on
more tasks without frequent emptying. The
complementary high performance filter
captures dust to purity living environment



Anti-tangle nozzle

The anti-tangle function prevents hair and debris lodging in the nozzle and cleaning brushes.
It also means stable suction power, easy maintenance and handy pet hair cleanup.


Self-navigating 2-in-1 cleaning robot vacuum


Product Dimension: 330*320*81mm
Net weight: 2.7kg
Gross weight: 6.1Kg
Color: Silver
Dustbin/Water tank capacity: 0.75L/0.3L

Product Parameters:

Charging type: Auto Charging / Manual Charging
Cleaning mode: Path, Spot, Edge, Max, Classical
Charging time: 200-350 min
Cleaning time: up to 80min
Body button type: Mechanical Button


Grade-ability: 15°
Ability to cross obstacles: ≤12
Applicable ground: Tile, wood floor, carpet
Power: 100-240VAC  50/60HZ  22W