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V80 Pro
Robot Vacuum Cleaner

V80 Pro

Smart 2-in-1 Vacuum and Mop Robotic Vacuum

Intelligent Path Planning

The equipped gyroscope navigates V80 Pro to clean your home without repeating or missing
areas, maximizing the cleaning coverage.

Powerful and Adjustable Suction

Powered by the superior Nidec brushless motor, V80 Pro provides powerful suction up to 2000pa,
quiet operating, and a longer lifespan.

2000 Pa

Convenient App Control

Fully control V80 Pro on ILIFEHOME, no matter at anytime, anywhere.

Suction Setting
Cleaning history
Cleaning Modes
Water level control
Parts Maintenance
Search Robot
Reset to factory default

Adjustable Water Volume

Effectively remove the dust and stains with the perfect water volume while mopping.


Large Dustbin with High-efficiency Filtration

The large capacity reduces the frequency of emptying trash, and the 3-layer filter keeps V80 pro with
sustainable suction and expels fresh air.

V3s Pro 300ml
V80 Pro 750ml
High Performance Filter
Primary Filter

Large LCD Display

V80 Pro shows the status of the vacuum cleaner
clearly in real-time, having you informed by the
important information in time.

Mode selection

Floating Suction Nozzle

Automatically adjusts to keep constant contact with the uneven surfaces for deep cleaning,
capturing dust and debris from floors in high efficiency.

Multiple Cleaning Modes

Meets your different cleaning needs.

Path Mode
Classic Mode
Edge Mode
Spot Mode

Suitable for Various Floors

V80 Pro works perfectly on picking up trash on tile, hardwood, marble, laminate and carpets etc.


Anti-drop and Anti-collision

Equipped with the excellent sensors, V80 Pro performs well in avoiding obstacles and accidental drops, running smoothly to enhance cleaning efficiency.

Automatic Recharge

V80 Pro automatically return to the charging dock when the battery gets low.

Product Dimension: 330*330*80mm
Net weight: 2.7kg
Gross weight: 5.8kg
Color: Iron gray
Dustbin/Water tank capacity: 0.75L/0.3L
Product Parameters:
Charging type: Auto Charging / Manual Charging
Cleaning mode: Auto, Path, Edge, Spot, MAX
Charging time: 300-350min 
Cleaning time: up to 120min
Body button type: Mechanical Button
Ability to cross obstacles: ≤ 12mm
Applicable ground: Tile, wood floor, carpet
Power: 100-240VAC  50/60HZ  22W