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V50 Power
Robot Vacuum Cleaner

V50 Power

A Smart Choice for Floor Cleaning


Brushless Motor

Driven by a brushless motor, V50 Power works
quietly with a long lifespan.


Powerful to Clean
in Max Mode

The powerful 1000pa suction allows
V50 Power to captures dust, crumbs,
particles, and beans efficiently.

Multiple Cleaning Modes

V50 Power meets various cleaning needs with 3 cleaning modes.

v50-p_04_icon01.pngAuto Mode
v50-p_04_icon02.pngSpot Mode
v50-p_04_icon03.pngEdge Mode


With the double-layer filter system,
V50 Power captures fine dust and
hair effectively, maintaining sustained
suction and improving air quality.

Performs Well in Dry Mopping

The microfiber cloth fits snugly to the floor during cleaning, which efficiently removes dirt
without leaving stains.


8.1cm Thin Body

V50 Power can easily cleans hard-to-reach areas with the thin body.


Climes Across Obstacles Easily

V50 Power rides over obstacles and moves across different types of floors easily,
which enhances cleaning efficiency.

Smart Sensors for Smooth Running

Featured with OBS All-terrain Detection System, V50 Power avoids obstacles efficiently with the anti-collision function,
and its anti-drop feature ensures safe working.


Avoid obstacles


Avoid steps

100 minutes Run-time

High capacity Li-ion battery powers up to 100 minutes of vacuuming with strong,
consistent suction, covering a space of 120-150 sqm.

100 mins
Working time
120-150 sqm
Cleaning area

Follow Your Schedule

V50 Power starts to clean automatically at the pre-set time of your weekly cleaning schedule.


Auto Recharging

V50 Power automatically go to its dock and recharge
when the battery runs low.

Product Dimension: 300*300*81mm
Net weight: 2.24kg
Color: smoky gray
Dustbin capacity: 0.3L
Product Parameters:
Charging type: Auto Charging / Manual Charging
Cleaning mode: Auto, Edge, Spot, MAX
Charging time: <300min
Cleaning time: up to 100min
Body button type: Touch-screen Button
Ability to cross obstacles: ≤ 12mm
Applicable ground: Tile, marble, laminate, wood floor, carpet
Power: 100-240VAC  50/60HZ  22W