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Robotic Vacuum Cleaner



Powerful robot vacuum with dry mopping function

Tangle-free vacuuming

Strong suction and tangle-free function allow the robot to pick up small debris
including hair, peanuts and crumbs without tangling.

Dry mopping

The replaceable nanofiber cleaning pad easily wipes off stains and dirt on hard floor,
keep your home dry and spotless.

Multiple cleaning modes

  • Auto Cleaning

    Clean automatically

  • Spot Cleaning

    Clean a specific area

  • Edge Cleaning

    Clean corners and edges

High-performance filters

High-performance filters can capture fine dust particles and reduce allergens
to keep your home clean.

Large area coverage

The high-capacity battery enables the V50 to cover a larger area on a single charge.

Follow your schedule

Set a weekly cleaning schedule and V50 will start clean automatically at the preset time.

Auto dock and charging

Automatically goes back to its charging dock when battery runs low.

Extra large RoadRover wheels

Extra large wheels allow V50 to smoothly ride over obstacles
and move across different floor types.

Smart sensors

Smart sensors enable the V50 to avoid collision and fall.