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Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Powerful Flexible Reliable

Comfortably Clean the Entire House

Up to 21kpa Powerful Suction

Powered by the brushless motor, H70 picks up fine and large particles on hard floors and
carpets—from dust, crumbs, pet hair to debris and beans.

2 Suction Modes for Different Cleaning Needs

A flexible and efficient cleaner, ILIFE H70 cleans different environments in Normal or Max mode.
Specific tools are tailored to handle different cleaning tasks, achieving maximum cleaning effectiveness.


Normal Mode - 10kpa

Cleans up to 40min.


Max Mode -21kpa

For deep cleaning.

Premium Brushless Motor

Driven by a brushless motor, H70 is a quiet cleaner with a long lifespan.

Extra-large 1.2L Dust cup

With twice the capacity of similar models
in the market, the Dust Cup requires less
emptying during cleaning.

“-MAX-” mark:
A visual guide that
indicates if the Dust
Cup is full and
requires emptying.
Hygienic Emptying:
Keep your hands
clean—empty the
Dust Cup is just at
a touch of a button.

High-efficiency and Washable Filters

Eco-friendly and cost-effective, the washable filters capture hair and fine dust
while maintaining consistent suction and improving air quality.

Remark: Air-dry the filters after washing. Make sure they are dry before installing in the Dust Cup.

Easy to Store

H70 is space-saving—simply attach it on the stick, or hang it on the
wall-mounted bracket after use.


Multipurpose Cleaner

With a variety of attachments, H70
effortlessly cleans high walls,
hard-to-reach corners, countertop,
shutter, stairs, sofa and car interiors.

Easily switched to handheld vacuum cleaner.


Bristle Roller Brush


Soft Nylon Roller Brush


Crevice Tool


Crevice Tool


2-in-1 Suction Nozzle
(with brush)


2-in-1 Suction Nozzle
(without brush)


Flexible Floor Head

The 180° adjustable floor head cleans around corners and
furniture smoothly.

Superior Built-in LED

Illuminate hard-to-reach areas for easy cleaning.

Clean Up to 40 Minutes

High capacity 8-cell Li-ion battery powers up to 40 minutes of vacuuming
with strong, consistent suction, covering a space of 200 sqm.

Removable Battery

Allow battery change for extended cleaning.
Remark: 40-minute runtime is applicable to Normal Mode only.

Motorized Floor Head

Clean hard floors and
carpets with enhanced
stability and efficiency.

Detachable Extension Wand

The alloy aluminum wand
allows you to clean from high
ceilings to the gaps under

Premium Brushless

The brushless motor allows
H70 to clean quietly and
thoroughly while extending
its lifespan.

Battery Indicator

Show battery level during
cleaning and charging.

Cleaning Mode Switch

Select suction power level to meet your cleaning needs.

Light Trigger

To better preserve battery life, vacuuming starts only when you pull the trigger.

Powerful 8-cell Battery

Power strong and consistent suction.

1.2L Large Dust cup

High capacity saves you the
hassle of frequent emptying.
The release button enables
hygienic emptying, preventing
direct contact with debris.

Flexible Swivel Neck

Gently move your wrist to
direct the floor head to clean
hard-to-reach spots.


Cord-free Design

Without the cord, every
corner that needs cleaning
is within easy reach.


Multipurpose Tools

Designed to handle specific
cleaning tasks in your home
and cars interiors.


Two Ways to Store

Save space by hanging H70
on the wall-mounted bracket
or attach it to the stick.


High-efficiency Filter

Capture fine dust and hair


Easily Switch to
Handheld Cleaner

Make cleaning stairs, sofa,
and car interiors easy.


40-min Runtime

Clean up to 200sqm with
consistent suction.