• A9
    Wi-Fi Connected Mapping and Navigation
    Powered by Gen 4 CyclonePower Cleaning System
  • A9s
    Hybrid Cleaning with Panoramic Navigation
    Featured by Innovative Vibrating Water Tank
  • A8
    Smart Panoramic Navigation & Route Planning
    Marrying leading-edge technology with sophisticated aesthetics.
  • A7
    Smart Planned Cleaning Robot
    Smart Planned Cleaning Robot Vacuum with APP Control
  • A6
    Powerful vacuuming with sophisticated aesthetics
    A sophisticated decor in itself, A6 is powered by Gen 2 CyclonePower cleaning system which ensures enhanced cleaning performance.
  • A4s
    Deep carpet cleaning specialist
    Deep cleaning technology designed for use on any carpet and any floor surface.
  • A40
    Specialized for carpet deep cleaning
    Marrying superior cleaning power with user-friendly operation.
  • V8s
    Smart 2-in-1 planned cleaning
    The smart planned cleaning system and award-winning i-Dropping system make V8s an efficient and methodical dry and wet cleaner.
  • V80
    Vacuuming & mopping robot vacuum
    All-around, powerful home cleaning master.
  • V7s Plus
    V7s Plus
    Intelligent vacuuming & mopping
    Hybrid vacuuming & mopping robot magician to tackle debris, stains and dirt for any indoor space.
  • V5s Pro
    V5s Pro
    Integrated vacuuming & mopping robot
    2 in 1 cleaning vacuuming and mopping, dual-function home floor solution.
  • V3s Pro
    V3s Pro
    Powerful vacuuming for pet hair
    With tangle-free suction nozzle, and"AirAway"technology, pet shedding and regular dust and dirt are handled hands-free.
  • V55
    Integrated vacuuming & mopping robot with ElectroWall
    Vacuuming and mopping in one, equipped with vacuuming and mopping cleaning modes.
  • V50
    Powerful vacuuming with dry mopping
    Packed with powerful suction that could easily pick up dirt, hair, dust and grime.
  • V4
    Smart vacuuming for home dirt
    With smart sensors and a well-designed body, it can roam through your house effortlessly while you are at work, or spending valuable time doing something else.
  • Shinebot W400
    Shinebot W400
    Floor Washing Robot
    Harsh with Stain, Gentle with Floor
  • H50
    Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
    Less Hassle, Deeper Clean
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Shinebot W400

Floor Washing Robot

Floor Washing Robot
Harsh with Stain, Gentle with Floor
TidalPower Cleaning System
The all-new TidalPower Cleaning System cleans stubborn stains thoroughly while protecting the floor.
Dampens the floor with clean water to loosen stubborn stains
Ultrafine fiber roller deeply washes the floor with gentle scrubs
at a high frequency.
Superior suction removes dirty water. 
Scraper wipes off the residues, leaving the floor spotless.
Clean/Dirty Water Separation
Separated compartments for clean and dirty water with individual inlet and outlet ensure cleaning efficiency.
0.85L Clean Water Tank
A full tank can clean about 30 sqm of space, or finish
2 cleaning cycles after the robot is fully charged.
0.9L Dirty Water Tank
Larger capacity means higher efficiency and ability to handle 
water on the bathroom and kitchen floors during cleaning.
4 Cleaning Modes for Different Needs
Path Mode
Cover a large space
methodically to avoid
redoing or skipping
any area.
Area Mode
Clean a designated area
in front of the robot along
a systematic path.
Spot Mode
Deep clean with increased
suction in a spiral pattern.
Suitable for areas with
concentrated stains.
Edge Mode
Clean along the edges of the
walls and target dead corners.
OBS All-Terrain Detection System
W400 has a whole set of terrain detection sensors, allowing it to complete cleaning tasks autonomously.
9 sets of OBS detectors in the
front part of the robot detect
and locate obstacles, preventing
W400 from crashing into them.
3 sets of detectors on the
base of the robot prevent
W400 from falling down
steps or from height.
Multifunctional Panel
3 function buttons with visual signifiers give you full control of W400 and the status of the robot.
The remote control allows you to send commands to W400 from a long distance.
User-friendly handle
With the handle, you can easily move W400
to the area that need cleaning or charging dock.
Size: 282*292*118mm
Net weight: 3.3Kg
Clean/Dirty water tank capacity: 0.85L/0.9L
Product Parameters:
Charging type: Manual
Cleaning modes: Path, Area, Spot, Edge
Charging time: ≤300 minutes
Working time (fully-charged): >80 minutes
Battery capacity: 2500mAh
Suitability: tile, marble, composite floor
Power: AC 100-240V(50/60Hz)
Working voltage: 14.4V


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