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Shinebot W400

ILIFE Shinebot W400 Floor Washing Scrubbing Robot, Dual 0.9L Water Tank
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  • The All-New TidalPower Cleaning System with patented technology: sprays the floor with clean water to soften stains, scrubs the floor with a microfiber roller, removes dirty water with superior suction power and wipes off residues with a rubber scraper, leaving the hard floors spotless. Please fill water tank according to the instruction and press “CLEAN”
  • Separated compartments for clean and dirty water: one 0.85L water tank to spray clean water and one 0.9L water tank to collect dirty water. This greatly improves the cleaning efficiency and properly collects the dirty water for easy disposal.
  • Tackles and removes thick household stains on all kinds of hard floors, including sauces, paint and footprints. Also great for removing water from kitchen and bathroom floors to help prevent falls on slippery surfaces.
  • Choose Path Mode with a full water tank to work 30-40 minutes covering around 400 sq ft. Area Mode will clean a specific area (around 270 sq.ft) in front of the robot along a systematic path. Use Spot Mode for a deep cleaning with increased suction in a 0.8m x 0.8m area, suitable for concentrated or thick stains. Edge Mode can be used to clean along the edges of walls and corners.
  • Tips: After the Shinebot washing is complete, there will be a small amount of water on the floor when you lift the robot. Roller and Scraper Blade must be installed before each cleaning, approximate time 10 seconds. A manual recharge will be required when the Shinebot’s battery is fully exhausted since an automatic docking of a washing/scrubbing robot would be a hazard.A 12-month warranty and U.S. customer service team provides you with peace of mind and great service.
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4-step TidalPower Cleaning System
4-step TidalPower Cleaning System
The all-new TidalPower Cleaning System cleans stubborn stains  thoroughly in 4 steps while protecting the floor.
Clean / Dirty Water Separation
Clean / Dirty Water Separation
Separated compartments for clean and dirty water with individual inlet and outlet ensure cleaning efficiency.
Sprays the floor with clean water to loosen stubborn stains.
Ultrafine fiber roller washes the floor with gentle scrubs at a high frequency.
Superior suction removes dirty water.
Scraper wipes off the residues, leaving the floor spotless.
4 Different Cleaning Modes
4 Different Cleaning Modes
Path Mode: Methodically cover a large space to avoid repeating or skipping any areas.
Clean/Dirty Water Separation
Clean/Dirty Water Separation
Separated compartments for clean water (0.85L tank) and dirty water (0.9L tank) with individual inlet and outlet ensures an efficient cleaning.
User-friendly Handle
User-friendly Handle
With a large handle on top of the W400, you can easily move the robot to each cleaning area or the charging dock.
TidalPower Cleaning System
TidalPower Cleaning System
TidalPower Cleaning System thoroughly cleans stubborn stains while protecting the floor.
Model: Shinebot W400
Cleaning mode
Cleaning mode: Path, Area, Spot, Edge
Dimension: 282*292*118mm
Suitability: Tile, Vinyl floor, Laminate floor
Net weight
Net weight: 3.3kg
Grade-ability: 15-degrees
Color: Black+Bright Silver
Ability to cross obstacles
Ability to cross obstacles: ≤ 3mm
Water tank capacity
Clean water tank: 850ml / Dirty water tank: 900ml
Charging type
Charging type: Manual
Cleaning time
Cleaning time: Up to 80 minutes
Working voltage
Working voltage: 14.4V
Charging time
Charging time: < 300 minutes
Power: 100-240VAC 50/60HZ 20W
Voice alarm 'Please check and install water tank'.
1. The water tank is not installed and installed in right place.
2. Check if the water tank is installed correctly.
(*Hold the water tank forward;)
(*Align the two ends of the main unit on both sides of the water tank;)
(*Press the water tank after aligning, and confirm the installation after hearing the sound ‘Ka’)
The washing machine has residual water stains on the floor.
1. Check that the roller brush and scraper are properly installed.
2. Check the filter for blockage and take out the filter and clean it.
3. Regularly clean the roller brush and the hanging strip and replace if necessary.
4. Please try to fill it with water every time you use it.
Voice alarm ‘Please check clean water tank’.
1. The water tank is free of water or blocked, add water, check the water outlet.
2. The dirty tank is full and clean the dirty tank.
3. Check if the clean water is mistakenly loaded into the dirty tank.
4. Check if the water tank is not installed well.
Voice alarm 'Please check dirty water tank'.
The dirty tank is full, clean the dirty tank.
Robot working time is short.
1. The standby time and charging is too long, resulting in excessive battery power loss. Try again with full charge.
2. The machine is stuck, etc., causing the machine to stop alarming, checking the machine and cleaning up.
3. After the machine is cleared by default, return to the starting point and select the planning cleaning mode, which is suitable for large-scale comprehensive cleaning. The robot needs to start against the wall.
Can't clean large pieces of garbage.
The W400 is mainly based on cleaning the ground. It is recommended to clear large pieces of garbage before using W400 cleaning the ground.
The machine cannot be started by pressing the body button or remote control.
1. Need to press and hold the ‘CLEAN ‘key.
(Turn on, press and hold ‘CLEAN’ for 1s)
(Turn off, press and hold ‘CLEAN’ for 3s, Release the button after a sound alert)
2. The machine has no power, charge robot fully.
Why is the roller brush wet only in the middle and dry on both sides?
After the scrubber wipes the ground, the dirty water is sucked into the dirty tank from the middle, so the position of the roller brush near the suction port will be more wet.
Voice alarm ‘Please check main brush’.
1. The roller brush is clogged, check if the roller brush is stuck by foreign matter.
2. Clean the ends of the brush, attached hair.
Why does the robot work not finish back to the starting point?
Confirm that the machine is in the edge mode, and the wall mode will stop cleaning when the robot cannot find the fence.
Robot does not flow out of water.
1. The water tank is free of water or blocked, add water, check the water outlet.
2. The water tank is not installed and installed in right place.
3.Check the Clean water inlet and Sprinkler nozzle for blockage.
Robot Water tank leaking.
1.  Check the status of the Vent inlet and outlet and perform maintenance cleaning on the two sealing edges.
2.  After removing the filter, press the water tank ejector lever to ensure that the Vent inlet and outlet are opened. Rinse the two ports with water. If any debris is stuck at the two ports, clean it in time to ensure that the water tank main body works normally.
3.  Regularly clean the edge of the water inlet, the water tank cover, the edge of the dirty spout, and the soft cover of the pouring spout to ensure the sealing of the water tank.
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