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  • One Robot, Two Cleaning Choices

    Dust bin and water tank are both included for vacuuming and mopping, making a
    thorough clean every day in your life.

    Shift modes
    Robotic vacuum cleaner
    Mopping robot

    Water Tank Installed

    Based on V3s robotic vacuum, V5s vacuum is able to be equipped with a water tank. One vacuum, two cleaning modes.
    Vacuuming by dust bin and mopping by water tank, it is very easy to shift the working types. Below are several tips for
    using mopping mode:
    1. Please take out of the water tank while charging.2. Do not use scheduling in mopping mode.
    3. No carpet when the robot is mopping.

    Smart PointDroping Technology Water Tank

    PointDroping technology water tank intelligently ensures precise wet mopping
    once the robot is moving and stops water dropping when robot stay still.

    Adjustable Suction Level

    Beetles V5S has a suction level which ranges from 550Pa to 850Pa, and the original suction level is preseted as 550Pa.
    When higher suction level is needed to clean efficiently, pressing the “MAX” button on the remote control can increase
    the suction level to 850Pa. Please note when using MAX mode, the remaining power must be above 80%.

    • Ultra quiet state550Pa
    • Relatively quiet850Pa

    Brushless Motor

    Beetles V5s is equipped with brushless motor. Compared with brush motor, the suction level is higher and working noise is
    lower, especially when the vacuum is mopping. And the brushless motor manages Robot’s lifespan well, you can enjoy
    the thorough cleaning service longer.

    V5s Pro

    Extra large RoadRover wheels, easy to pass With extra large

    RoadRover wheels, crossing obstacles from room to room become more stable and easily.

    Automatically Docks and Recharges

    Without any order, Beetles V5S automatically returns to its home base for charging. For multi-room, we recommend setting
    at least two charge docks in the house. Tips: Put the charge dock in an open area. Ensure there are no foreign objects
    placed in the area ranges from Im at sides and 3m in front.

    14 Groups of Infrared Detectors

    In front of the robot, there are 11 groups of infrared detectors. They can detect foreign objects in its path, then slow down
    to avoid hitting furniture straightly and strongly. At the bottom, 3 groups of infrared detectors are equipped in the front. If
    the sensors detect a height which is above 8cm, the robot will slow down and select a new path. Please clean the sensors
    often to keep it always in good condition.

    Easy Operation

    Just press CLEAN button on the robot or remote control, your robot starts to work. For more information, please read the user manual.

    2600mAh Li-ion Battery

    Beetles V5s, with safe and fade-free li-ion batteries, covers the larger area and delivers twice as many cleaning cycles.