Bristle Brush and 1000Pa High Suction Level

Deeper Clean on Carpet

Double V Shaped Bristle Brush

ILIFE A4 comes with a double V shaped bristle brush. This bristle brush easily collects dust, especially on the carpet. Our
original V3s V5s robots introduced people to its extraordinary cleaning ability on hard wood floor, While new A4 makes
cleaning on carpet an easy pleasure.

1000Pa High Suction Level

A4 has an adjustable suction choice. Pressing MAX button on remote control for 1000Pa suction level, cleaning dust traffic
area and picking up debris like cereal and peanut shell efficiently.

Titanium Gray

Titanium gray, not shining but reliable, is the theme color of A4. We hope A4 could like the implied meaning, bring confidence
and perfect performance to our customer.

Drawer-like Dust Box

Pull out the dust box easily with the push of a button on it. 450ML newly updated dust box allows to
clean more with less emptying.


Except that anti-collision and anti-drop ability, A4 model has a new function to get out of stuck by
itself. We add an infrared sensor in the front wheel, which will give a order to move backward once
it gets stuck and can not move.

2600mAh Li-ion Battery

4 chip 2600mah batteries with fade free technology brings 110-120 minutes working time after one full
charge, also ensures a lasting battery life.

Presetting a Cleaning Plan

Keep up with every day mess, no dirty floor again! Make a schedule for A4, it will clean home automatically
every day, at a specific time, even if nobody is at home.

Automatically Docks and Recharges

Without any help, A4 automatically returns to its home base for charging. For multi-room, we recommend
setting at least two charge docks in the house.Tips: Put the charge dock in an open area.
Ensure there are no foreign objects placed in the area ranges from Im at sides and 3m in front.
And please keep the power switch at the side of robot is ON while charging.

Easy Operation

Simply start the robot with the push of the CLEAN button. For more information, please read the user manual.