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  • For Families Who Keep Pets

    Beetles V3s Will be Your Best Partner

    650Pa Suction Level

    Beetles V3s adopts a single suction inlet design. When dealing with pet hair or any hair, it can avoid being clogged. And its
    pet hair care technology easily picks up hairs, dirt and debris.

    70mm Low Profile Design

    70mm low profile design allows robot to vacuum under most furniture, kickboards, etc., which provides you a thorough
    clean in the house.

    3 Cleaning Modes

    Beetles V3s offers three cleaning modes. Spot cleaning mode is used to clean an area of highly concentrated dust; edge
    cleaning mode cleans edges and corners and auto cleaning mode cleans home automatically and does a clean to places it
    can reach.

    • Auto cleaning mode
    • Spot cleaning mode
    • Edge cleaning mode

    Double Filter to Purify the Air

    To avoid re-contamination while cleaning, filter and HEPA are equipped in the dust box. By this design, dust can be
    blocked in the dust box, and the air breathed out by the robot will be free of dust.To keep peak performance, please clean
    the filter twice a week, and change a new HEPA every month. Please note do not wash HEPA.

    HEPA FilterFilter out dust particle in the air
    Primary filterBlock coarser dust partide and pet hair
    or any hair in the dust box
    Visible transparent dust box300ML big capacity
    V3s Pro

    Extra large RoadRover wheels, easy to pass With extra large

    RoadRover wheels, crossing obstacles from room to room become more stable and easily.

    Automatically Docks and Recharges

    Without any help, V3s automatically returns to its home base for charging. For multi-room, we recommend setting at least two charge
    docks in the house. Tips: Put the charge dock in an open area. Ensure there are no foreign objects placed in the area ranges from Im at
    sides and 3m in front. And please keep the power switch at the side of robot is ON while charging.

    Presetting a Cleaning Plan

    Keep up with every day mess, no dirty floor Again! Make a schedule for V3s, it will clean home automatically every day, at a specific
    time, even if nobody is at home.

    14 Groups of Infrared Detectors

    In front of the robot, there are 11 groups of infrared detectors. They can detect foreign objects in its path, then slow down to
    avoid hitting furniture straightly and strongly. At the bottom, 3 groups of infrared detectors are equipped in the front. If the
    sensors detect a height which is above 8cm, the robot will slow down and select a new path. Please clean the sensors often to
    keep it always in good condition.